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    I have BLUS31172 Version 01.00 App Version 01.00. Instead of the normal /USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN, you will need to modify /USRDIR/MODULE/US/GAME/SYMPHONIA.SPRX. EBOOT.BIN is nothing more than a tiny launcher for the 2 games and is worthless, and that's the root problem with Medo's old codes since it's trying to do stuff for the game before you even pick the game and start it. He knew it and tried though, it was probably an easier choice than trying to explain to people how to decrypt the sprx file. There's also RATATOSK.SPRX, but I'm assuming that is for Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World instead of just Tales Of Symphonia. I used E/S/S/S/E Resigner to decrypt SYMPHONIA.SPRX into SYMPHONIA.prx, except I'm using an outdated version of the resigner. I just checked and the link at works as of 9-8-2018. Copy SYMPHONIA.SPRX into the /SPRX_Files/ folder. Use option 3 or whatever from ESSSE Resigner to resign sprx files. Once it gets half-way and pauses, go into the /Resigned_SPRX/ folder and it should have the decrypted SYMPHONIA.prx file for you to modify. Once you are done modifying it in HxD.exe or whatever hex editor you use, save and resign it to 3.55 or 4.21 or whatever in ESSSE resigner, copy it back to your PS3 and it will work fine. I have the codes posted as they would appear in PS3 memory while playing. Enable Code 1 is only needed if you edit SYMPHONIA.SPRX, it is not needed if you are modifying memory while playing the the game. I am using all relative branches in this for compatibility between live memory editing and modifying symphonia.prx so you don't need to adjust branches.

    SYMPHONIA.prx Enable Code 1
    0 00000064 003FFF10
    0 0000006C 003FFF10
    I don't know what format
    to put this in, this area
    of memory vanishes when
    you start up the actual
    game. Just open
    SYMPHONIA.prx, go to
    those 2 addresses and
    change their values, and
    everything else will work
    fine when modifying

    If you modify SYMPHONIA.prx, take these addresses and subtract 0x00CCFF10 from them to get the address you would modify in the decrypted SYMPHONIA.prx file. I commented it into 2 lines for the code to fully refill the HP of the character you are controlling when they take damage so you can see if you're doing the math correctly.

    Damage Fully Refills HP For The Character You Are Controlling
    0 010CD738 F8C1FFF8 /* 003FD648 in symphonia.prx */
    0 010CD73C F8E1FFF0
    0 010CD740 F901FFE8
    0 010CD744 3C60011A
    0 010CD748 8063D58C
    0 010CD74C 3CC00000
    0 010CD750 60C6930C
    0 010CD754 7CC330AE
    0 010CD758 3CE00001
    0 010CD75C 60E83560
    0 010CD760 7C634014
    0 010CD764 60E73BE0
    0 010CD768 7CC639D6
    0 010CD76C 7C633014
    0 010CD770 80630008
    0 010CD774 7F832800
    0 010CD778 409E0008
    0 010CD77C 80850020
    0 010CD780 E8C1FFF8
    0 010CD784 E8E1FFF0
    0 010CD788 E901FFE8
    0 010CD78C 7C883800
    0 010CD790 4E800020
    0 00D39C50 48393AE9 /* 00069D40 in symphonia.prx */

    Damage Fully Refills HP For Your Allies That You Are Not Controlling
    0 010CD794 F8C1FFF8
    0 010CD798 F8E1FFF0
    0 010CD79C F901FFE8
    0 010CD7A0 F921FFE0
    0 010CD7A4 38600003
    0 010CD7A8 7C6903A6
    0 010CD7AC 3C60011A
    0 010CD7B0 8063D58C
    0 010CD7B4 38C00000
    0 010CD7B8 3CE00000
    0 010CD7BC 60E7930D
    0 010CD7C0 7CE33814
    0 010CD7C4 3D000001
    0 010CD7C8 61093560
    0 010CD7CC 7C634814
    0 010CD7D0 61083BE0
    0 010CD7D4 7D2638AE
    0 010CD7D8 7D2941D6
    0 010CD7DC 7D291814
    0 010CD7E0 81290008
    0 010CD7E4 7F892800
    0 010CD7E8 419E0010
    0 010CD7EC 38C60001
    0 010CD7F0 4200FFE4
    0 010CD7F4 48000008
    0 010CD7F8 80850020
    0 010CD7FC F8C1FFF8
    0 010CD800 F8E1FFF0
    0 010CD804 F901FFE8
    0 010CD808 F921FFE0
    0 010CD80C 7C044000
    0 010CD810 4E800020
    0 00D39C54 48393B41

    Any Damage Kills Enemies
    0 010CD814 80650024
    0 010CD818 7F841800
    0 010CD81C 409C0078
    0 010CD820 F8C1FFF8
    0 010CD824 F8E1FFF0
    0 010CD828 F901FFE8
    0 010CD82C F921FFE0
    0 010CD830 38600004
    0 010CD834 7C6903A6
    0 010CD838 3C60011A
    0 010CD83C 8063D58C
    0 010CD840 38C00000
    0 010CD844 3CE00000
    0 010CD848 60E7930C
    0 010CD84C 7CE33814
    0 010CD850 3D000001
    0 010CD854 61093560
    0 010CD858 7C634814
    0 010CD85C 61083BE0
    0 010CD860 7D2638AE
    0 010CD864 7D2941D6
    0 010CD868 7D291814
    0 010CD86C 81290008
    0 010CD870 7F892800
    0 010CD874 419E0010
    0 010CD878 38C60001
    0 010CD87C 4200FFE4
    0 010CD880 38800000
    0 010CD884 F8C1FFF8
    0 010CD888 F8E1FFF0
    0 010CD88C F901FFE8
    0 010CD890 F921FFE0
    0 010CD894 90850024
    0 010CD898 4E800020
    0 00D39C58 48393BBD

    Invincibility For The Character You Are Currently Controlling
    0 010CD89C 7F032014
    0 010CD8A0 3C60011A
    0 010CD8A4 8063D58C
    0 010CD8A8 3C800000
    0 010CD8AC 6084930C
    0 010CD8B0 7C8418AE
    0 010CD8B4 3C630001
    0 010CD8B8 38633560
    0 010CD8BC 3CA00001
    0 010CD8C0 38A53BE0
    0 010CD8C4 7CA521D6
    0 010CD8C8 7CA51814
    0 010CD8CC 7F982800
    0 010CD8D0 419E0008
    0 010CD8D4 4E800020
    0 010CD8D8 7C6802A6
    0 010CD8DC 3863FFB8
    0 010CD8E0 7C6803A6
    0 010CD8E4 38600000
    0 010CD8E8 4E800020
    0 00D6E970 4835EF2D

    Invincibility For Your Allies That You Are Not Controlling
    0 010CD8EC 7B180020
    0 010CD8F0 38600003
    0 010CD8F4 7C6903A6
    0 010CD8F8 3C60011A
    0 010CD8FC 8063D58C
    0 010CD900 3C800000
    0 010CD904 6084930D
    0 010CD908 7C841814
    0 010CD90C 3C630001
    0 010CD910 38633560
    0 010CD914 3CA00001
    0 010CD918 60A53BE0
    0 010CD91C 38C00000
    0 010CD920 7CE620AE
    0 010CD924 7CE729D6
    0 010CD928 7CE71814
    0 010CD92C 7F983800
    0 010CD930 419E0010
    0 010CD934 38C60001
    0 010CD938 4200FFE8
    0 010CD93C 4E800020
    0 010CD940 7C6802A6
    0 010CD944 3863FFB4
    0 010CD948 7C6803A6
    0 010CD94C 38600000
    0 010CD950 4E800020
    0 00D6E974 4835EF79

    Everything Can Always Do Things That Use TP
    0 00D39C18 4800000C
    It does not matter if you
    do not have enough TP to
    do something, you can do
    it even if you have 0 TP.

    Using TP Fully Restores TP For The Character You Are Currently Controlling
    0 010CD954 7C63F014
    0 010CD958 F8C1FFF8
    0 010CD95C F8E1FFF0
    0 010CD960 3C80011A
    0 010CD964 8084D58C
    0 010CD968 3CC00000
    0 010CD96C 60C6930C
    0 010CD970 7CC620AE
    0 010CD974 3C840001
    0 010CD978 38843560
    0 010CD97C 3CE00001
    0 010CD980 60E73BE0
    0 010CD984 7CE731D6
    0 010CD988 7CE72014
    0 010CD98C 80E70008
    0 010CD990 7F853800
    0 010CD994 409E0008
    0 010CD998 A0650028
    0 010CD99C E8C1FFF8
    0 010CD9A0 E8E1FFF0
    0 010CD9A4 4E800020
    0 00D39C84 48393CD1

    Allies You Are Not Controlling Fully Refill TP By Using TP
    0 010CD9A8 F8C1FFF8
    0 010CD9AC F8E1FFF0
    0 010CD9B0 F901FFE8
    0 010CD9B4 F921FFE0
    0 010CD9B8 38800003
    0 010CD9BC 7C8903A6
    0 010CD9C0 3C80011A
    0 010CD9C4 8084D58C
    0 010CD9C8 3CC00000
    0 010CD9CC 60C6930D
    0 010CD9D0 7CC62014
    0 010CD9D4 3C840001
    0 010CD9D8 38843560
    0 010CD9DC 3CE00001
    0 010CD9E0 60E73BE0
    0 010CD9E4 39000000
    0 010CD9E8 7D2830AE
    0 010CD9EC 7D2939D6
    0 010CD9F0 7D292014
    0 010CD9F4 81290008
    0 010CD9F8 7F892800
    0 010CD9FC 419E0010
    0 010CDA00 39080001
    0 010CDA04 4200FFE4
    0 010CDA08 48000008
    0 010CDA0C A0650028 // Change to 38600000 to give them 0 TP if they use TP.
    0 010CDA10 F8C1FFF8
    0 010CDA14 F8E1FFF0
    0 010CDA18 F901FFE8
    0 010CDA1C F921FFE0
    0 010CDA20 B065002A
    0 010CDA24 4E800020
    0 00D39C88 48393D21

    Button Enable Code
    0 010CDA28 7C7AF12E
    0 010CDA2C 3D800139
    0 010CDA30 3BDE0001
    0 010CDA34 7C1AF0AE
    0 010CDA38 980CF000
    0 010CDA3C 3BDE0002
    0 010CDA40 7C1AF0AE
    0 010CDA44 980CF001
    0 010CDA48 4E800020
    0 00EEA1D8 481E3851
    0001 = ^
    0002 = \/
    0004 = <
    0008 = >
    0010 = Triangle
    0020 = X
    0040 = []
    0080 = O
    0100 = Select
    0200 = Start
    0400 = L1
    0800 = L2
    1000 = L3
    2000 = R1
    4000 = R2
    8000 = R3

    Press L2 + L3 To Instantly Defeat All Enemies
    0 010CDA4C 3C800139
    0 010CDA50 A084F000
    0 010CDA54 70841800
    0 010CDA58 2B841800
    0 010CDA5C 409E0008
    0 010CDA60 38600000
    0 010CDA64 4E800020
    0 00D64B54 48368EF9
    Requires the Button
    Enable code to be
    activated or nothing will
    happen when you press
    L2 + L3.

    Always Have At Least 1 Of Every Item
    0 010CDA68 88030EB5
    0 010CDA6C 2B800000
    0 010CDA70 409E0008
    0 010CDA74 38000001
    0 010CDA78 98030EB5
    0 010CDA7C 88630EB5
    0 010CDA80 4E800020
    0 00E6FC2C 4825DE3D

    Buy An Item For 20 Of It
    0 00E5A8C4 38A00014

    Sell An Item For 20 Of It
    0 00E5AA18 39000014

    Use An Item While In Battle For 20 Of It
    0 00D9F6EC 38800014

    Max Gald On Increase
    0 00E5AA34 48000008

    Max Gald After Buying Anything
    0 00E5A8AC 3CE03B9A
    0 00E5A8B4 60E7C9FF

    Can Walk Through Enemies On The World Map Without Triggering A Battle
    0 00DE214C 48000010
    0 00DE1E30 4800009C

    Can Save Anywhere
    0 00E5799C 48000008

    Unlock Mania Battle Rank And Sound Test
    0 00E3B6A8 83A366D4
    0 00E3B6AC 38600001
    0 00E3B6B0 987D0EB2
    0 00E3B6B4 480000B0

    Unlock Sound Test
    0 00EB393C 38C00001
    0 00EB3944 98C499C0
    0 00EB3950 48000018

    I also checked enemy TP, and either it's just a beginning-of-the-game thing and they all have 0 TP at all times for tutorial purposes, or enemies always have 0 TP and basically have unlimited moves because of it. At +0x13560 + 0x1320 of a certain enemy/character's data is 1 byte of data that determines who you are controlling, who are your allies, and who are enemies. You are value 08, enemies are D8. I tried 08 on an enemy and could control movement, but trying to attack crashes the game. I tried giving my character enemy control and that instantly crashed the game too. Not sure if there is anything worth pursuing there.
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    EDIT 9-8-2018 1:52 PM:
    + Forgot the TP codes are activated when you use TP, which can only be done if you already have enough TP to activate something. I found the check above to fix this, but am a bit lazy at the moment to do a rewrite so threw in "Everything Can Always Do Things That Use TP".

    EDIT 9-9-2018 10:05 PM:
    + Added 1 code I triggered by going into the items menu that checks every item's count and if it is 0 then it sets it to 1 so you always have at least of every item.
    + Added 3 codes for getting max items.
    + Added 2 codes to get max Gald.

    EDIT 9-12-2018 7:22 AM:
    ! Modified the line "0 010CD874 419E0010" for the code where enemies die from any damage. It likely still works with this mistake, but it's sloppy and I remember in either Zestiria or Beseria where I came across a boss with exceptions to the code, and this is the type of code that would risk a bug for those exceptions if there are any so this hopefully prevents a problem.

    EDIT 9-13-2018 7:14 PM:
    ! Renamed "Use An Item For 20 Of It" to "Use An Item While In Battle For 20 Of It", tekman already has the code for items used outside of battle.

    EDIT 9-25-2018 10:11 AM:
    + Added 1 code to be able to walk through enemies on the world map without triggering a battle.
    + Added 1 code to be able to save anywhere. Tested and working in town, I was able to load exactly where I saved.
    + Added 2 codes to unlock things. 1 does just the Sound Test thing appearing at the title screen. The other does that and unlocks Mania Battle Rank, and it might actually tell the game if it has been beaten which means it might also unlock Grade Shops. I haven't gotten far enough to test grade shops.

    EDIT 9-30-2018 8:35 PM:
    ! Updated the code to be able to save anywhere to a better version. The old version could prevent you from saving if activated at the right moments of the game. The new one works fine everywhere.
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      Would an Infinite Items Usage/Items do not Decrease code be feasible?I would love to see a code like that....
      edit:do the item codes work with artemis?
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        It should work with artemis fine since the addresses I am using are in PS3 memory while playing, and that is what artemis works with. Also, I'm randomly updating posts 1 and 2 with updates whenever I'm sane and have time and have something to add. Found items and Gald for you, including the read operation that goes through every item including the items you don't have, and gives you 1 of them if you don't have even 1 of them. Fixed the enemies dying from enemy damage code with 1 incorrect offset even though it probably always works fine anyway.
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          Originally posted by bungholio View Post
          It should work with artemis fine since the addresses I am using are in PS3 memory while playing, and that is what artemis works with. Also, I'm randomly updating posts 1 and 2 with updates whenever I'm sane and have time and have something to add. Found items and Gald for you, including the read operation that goes through every item including the items you don't have, and gives you 1 of them if you don't have even 1 of them. Fixed the enemies dying from enemy damage code with 1 incorrect offset even though it probably always works fine anyway.
          none of the item codes seem to be working with artemis...i have tried setting them to "once" and "constant" but they still fail...which version of artemis do you use,the latest official version or the latest unofficial one?


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            I don't use artemis, I use netcheat and modify memory while playing. They worked fine while modding while playing, and they worked fine by writing to the SYMPHONIA.prx file for me, so I don't know what's going on. My only guess is that since this game does those SPRX files, they might change the way things work a little, and I'd have no way of doing anything to fix that.
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              can you tell me how to mod SYMPHONIA.prx?i have the decrypted file on my pc but have no idea how to hex edit it...


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                I use HxD.exe since it is such a tiny and simple thing that works for whatever I need. There's some commercial "Hex Workshop" or something. I can't remember the names of hex editors. You just need to open symphonia.prx with HxD.exe, and the keyboard shortcut CTRL + G is what you will need. Just make sure you've done the math correctly and subtracted 00CCFF10 from the addresses listed in the codes, and then you'll have the correct addresses to write to.

                I also checked the items thing. I completely forgot about it, but tekman and others had some codes for this game in the database too. I was yacking with rippchen now when he pointed that out. The codes for buying/selling items work fine, but the 1 for using an item to get 20 items specifically works while in battle. I found the one for outside battle but tekman already found that 1.
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                  where can i find tekmans item codes?
                  also do i write the value or the address with hxd?what do i change?
                  edit:i finally got it working....thank you!
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