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Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

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  • Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

    I have NPUA80663 v01.00 av01.00.

    Invincibility V1
    0 0008FA00 4BFFE84C
    0 0008FA68 4BFFE7E4
    0 0008FACC 4BFFE780
    0 0008FB10 4BFFE73C
    0 0008FEC4 4BFFE388
    0 0008FEEC 4BFFE360
    Beware of jumping into
    liquids, some have no
    floor and you will fall
    forever unless you exit
    the level or use the
    flying code.

    The difference between
    this and the other
    version is that once an
    enemy hits you, most of
    them stop attacking and
    the effect stays on even
    after deactivating the
    SET OGP=817E000039200001808297AC7F63DB78912102D43B800000812B009481490000
    SET COP=4BFFE84C39200001808297AC7F63DB78912102D43B800000812B009481490000
    SET OGP=8122975C3800000139610120900102D4796B00203B8000008149000039200140
    SET COP=4BFFE7E43800000139610120900102D4796B00203B8000008149000039200140
    SET OGP=2F99002D419E17B45729103A2F19002F392910807D2907B47D3B4A1482E9000C
    SET COP=4BFFE780419E17B45729103A2F19002F392910807D2907B47D3B4A1482E9000C
    SET OGP=4BFFE62C801E2720392000012F80000038000000913E2488901E0680419E14B0
    SET COP=4BFFE62C4BFFE73C392000012F80000038000000913E2488901E0680419E14B0
    SET OGP=5729103A3800000139291080900102D47D2907B4817E22183B8000007D3B4A1482E9000C4BFFE250C03E0114
    SET COP=4BFFE3883800000139291080900102D47D2907B4817E22183B8000007D3B4A1482E9000C4BFFE2504BFFE360

    Invincibility V2
    0 00125388 4E800020
    The difference is with
    this one, enemies still
    continue to attack you.

    With the other one, once
    an enemy hits you, most
    of them will follow you
    but will no longer
    attack, and turning the
    code off does not turn
    off the effect.
    SET OGP=F821FF317C0802A6FB6100A8FBA100B8FBC100C0FBE100C8FB8100B0F80100E0816300007C9E2378787D002080840000
    SET COP=4E8000207C0802A6FB6100A8FBA100B8FBC100C0FBE100C8FB8100B0F80100E0816300007C9E2378787D002080840000

    Lucky Charms Never Decrease
    0 000B5DBC 39290000
    SET OGP=814B0000812A19E43929FFFF7D2048F87C00FE707D290038912A19E4807E05F4
    SET COP=814B0000812A19E4392900007D2048F87C00FE707D290038912A19E4807E05F4

    Lives Gained From Dying Multiplier
    0 00070150 3929Z
    [Z]FFFF=Default you lose 1 life;0001=1x;000A=10x;0064=100x[/Z]
    You can carry a max of 99
    SET OGP=83A291B4FBE100A8F80100C083E291C8817D0000812B19E03929????912B19E0
    SET COP=83A291B4FBE100A8F80100C083E291C8817D0000812B19E039290000912B19E0

    Lives Gained Multiplier
    0 0004D2E4 396BZ
    [Z]0001=Default 1x;000A=10x;0064=100x[/Z]
    You can carry a max of 99
    SET OGP=EBA100787C0803A6382100904E80002081228A4081290000816919E0396B0001
    SET COP=EBA100787C0803A6382100904E80002081228A4081290000816919E0396B????

    Max Lives On Gain
    0 0004D2EC 4800000C
    SET OGP=2F8B0062419D000C916919E04E80002039600063916919E04E800020
    SET COP=2F8B00624800000C916919E04E80002039600063916919E04E800020

    Coins Gained Multiplier
    0 0004CD08 3929Z
    [Z]0001=Default 1x;000A=10x;0064=100x[/Z]
    If you do not already
    have the max amount of
    Lucky Charms you can
    carry, your next 100
    coins will give you a
    Lucky Charm.

    If you already have the
    max amount of Lucky
    Charms, the game will
    instead give you an extra
    life for your next 100
    SET OGP=FBC100A0FBA10098F80100C07C7E1B78817F0000812B19E839290001912B19E8
    SET COP=FBC100A0FBA10098F80100C07C7E1B78817F0000812B19E83929????912B19E8

    Treasure Chests Gained
    0 000D1618 3929Z
    [Z]0001=Default 1x;000A=10x;0064=100x[/Z]
    It is used in the mission
    "Treasure in the Depths".
    SET OGP=7C7E1B78F80100C0800303B87C9F2378812303C4787B00207C0007B439290001
    SET COP=7C7E1B78F80100C0800303B87C9F2378812303C4787B00207C0007B43929????

    Never Fail From A Crab Stealing A Treasure Chest
    0 000CD7A8 38000000
    It is used in the mission
    "Treasure in the Depths".
    SET OGP=800303C02F800000409E010C800303B8812303C47F890000409E000839400005
    SET COP=380000002F800000409E010C800303B8812303C47F890000409E000839400005

    Stolen Treasure Chests Count As Gained
    0 000CF67C 813F03C4
    0 000CF690 913F03C4
    It is used in the mission
    "Treasure in the Depths".
    SET OGP=7C7E1B78813F03C03863035C7C9D23783929000178630020913F03C080840550
    SET COP=7C7E1B78813F03C43863035C7C9D23783929000178630020913F03C480840550

    Unlimited Treasure Chests
    0 000D28F4 39200000
    It is used in the mission
    "Treasure in the Depths".

    Without this, the game
    will only spawn a total
    of 40 treasure chests and
    then you will be stuck.
    SET OGP=409EFFD82F990007419DFC8C813E03BC7FE3FB78817E03803BA100C039290001
    SET COP=409EFFD82F990007419DFC8C813E03BC7FE3FB78817E03803BA100C039200000

    Nitros Gained Multiplier
    0 0004EF74 3929Z
    [Z]0001=Default 1x;000A=10x;0064=100x[/Z]
    SET OGP=CBC10200CBE10208382102104E800020FC00F8904BFFFEC0813E084839290001
    SET COP=CBC10200CBE10208382102104E800020FC00F8904BFFFEC0813E08483929????

    Max Nitros On Gain
    0 0004EF7C 4800000C
    SET OGP=2F890062419D000C913E08484BFFFE7839200063913E08484BFFFE6CF821FF81
    SET COP=2F8900624800000C913E08484BFFFE7839200063913E08484BFFFE6CF821FF81

    Nitros Never Decrease
    0 001274D4 39290000
    SET OGP=7C6B1B78F801008080030B04812308482F80000078080020C00A00043929FFFF
    SET COP=7C6B1B78F801008080030B04812308482F80000078080020C00A000439290000

    1 Lap To Complete Races, Opponents Always On Lap 1
    0 002EE7E0 8082A120
    0 002EE7E4 8082A120
    0 002EE7E8 8082A120
    0 002EE7EC 8082A120
    0 002EE7F0 8082A120
    0 002EE7F4 8082A120
    0 002EE7F8 8082A120
    0 0012883C 807D0AF4
    0 00128840 39230001
    0 00128844 482EE7E3
    SET OGP=BECCD9D7BE9D300CBE5413C7BDA8791F00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=BECCD9D7BE9D300CBE5413C7BDA8791F8082A120808400007F9D2040419E0008392000017F8348004E800020
    SET OGP=801D0AE493DD0AE87F80F000409EFF98813D0AF0801D0AF4392900017F804800
    SET COP=801D0AE493DD0AE87F80F000409EFF98813D0AF0807D0AF439230001482EE7E3

    Master Thief Sprint Time Never Decreases
    0 000D8450 60000000
    0 00133F14 60000000 // Starting time
    SET OGP=2F800000419EFDF8C1BD057CC19D0578ED9D637AC002A9D0FF8D0000D19D0578
    SET COP=2F800000419EFDF8C1BD057CC19D0578ED9D637AC002A9D0FF8D000060000000
    SET OGP=4BFF8F5960000000813F0000C002C3E083A2C3CC7FA3EB78C029230CEC21002A4BFA5231
    SET COP=4BFF8F5960000000813F0000C002C3E083A2C3CC7FA3EB78C029230C600000004BFA5231

    Master Thief Sprint Hourglass Never Vanishes
    0 0004F084 EDAD6828
    Normally it has exactly
    15 seconds from when a
    level starts until it
    vanishes. With this, it
    will only vanish if you
    pick it up.
    SET OGP=7FE3FB78817F001438800006C1A90004C00B2308FF8D00004FDDF382419E001C
    SET COP=7FE3FB78817F001438800006EDAD6828C00B2308FF8D00004FDDF382419E001C

    Can Always Open Vaults
    0 000BE3E4 480000F0
    0 0011F048 480001EC
    You will not need to have
    even 1 clue bottle to
    open it.

    The 1st line will make
    Bentley give you the
    message that you can open
    it once you approach it.

    The 2nd line allows you
    to press O to input the
    combo for the vault.
    SET OGP=8162A40481490000810B0000814A0064810823007F8A4000419E00F08162A3E4
    SET COP=8162A40481490000810B0000814A0064810823007F8A4000480000F08162A3E4
    SET OGP=2F890000816B0064419E0010800A23007F805800409D01EC2B920007409D0194
    SET COP=2F890000816B0064419E0010800A23007F805800480001EC2B920007409D0194

    Can Always Unlock Padlocks
    0 000947E0 48000008
    0 00094998 48000008
    0 00094A00 60000000
    0 00094CE8 48000008
    Line 1 creates the
    correct amount of keys to
    appear to unlock all
    locks. Without it, you
    will see something like a
    4 lock thing show only
    1 key coming from Sly
    and going into a lock
    even though they may all
    visually unlock

    Line 2 actually unlocks
    it even if you do not
    have enough keys. Without
    it, you can not unlock
    something even though you
    visually see the correct
    amount of keys appear to
    unlock all locks.

    Lines 3 and 4 are
    involved with making the
    locks visibly unlock, or
    else all keys can appear
    and go into the lock and
    turn and they will
    actually behave like they
    unlocked, but the actual
    locks themselves will not
    visually unlock and do
    whatever else correctly.
    SET OGP=790B0020EFE10028901C05C0812A0000832B0300800904 387F990000409D0008
    SET COP=790B0020EFE10028901C05C0812A0000832B0300800904 387F99000048000008
    SET OGP=39000001815C26C4813A0000816A0300800904387F8058 00409C000839000000
    SET COP=39000001815C26C4813A0000816A0300800904387F8058 004800000839000000
    SET OGP=409D0274817A00007FC907B47D2A4A14800B04387F80F8 0081290004409D0234
    SET COP=409D0274817A00007FC907B47D2A4A14800B04387F80F8 008129000460000000
    SET OGP=C0090014901C05C0EFED0028813A0000832B0300800904 387F990000409D0008
    SET COP=C0090014901C05C0EFED0028813A0000832B0300800904 387F99000048000008

    Can Access All Levels
    0 00153F84 7C0B482E
    0 00153F88 60000001
    0 00153F8C 7C0B492E
    The value is 4 different

    0 = Locked and unplayable
    1 = Unlocked but not completed
    2 = Completed
    4 = Vault unlocked
    8 = Master Thief Sprint completed

    So with that, if you use
    value 000F instead of
    0001, you can fully
    complete each level by
    just selecting it at the
    Level Select screen.
    SET OGP=1C0C044C7D2B4850816A00007D290214392900107D2907B47C0B482E540007FE
    SET COP=1C0C044C7D2B4850816A00007D290214392900107C0B482E600000017C0B492E

    Have All Techniques And Blueprints
    0 00070118 7C630378
    0 0007011C 906B19F4
    00000001 = Unknown, but you get it in the intro part of the game after opening Carmelita's vault with 9-2-7. I removed it and it had no effect on the game.
    00000002 = Fast Attack Dive Move
    00000004 = Fast Getaway Raccoon Roll
    00000008 = Slow Motion Jumps
    00000010 = Dive Collection Technique
    00000020 = Coin Magnet Technique
    00000040 = Explosive Hat Technique
    00000080 = Speed Up The Clock
    20000000 = Can see clues and breakables in the Binocucom
    SET OGP=810291B4812A0000816800008009235C806B19F47C6300387C6307B44E800020
    SET COP=810291B4812A0000816800008009235C806B19F47C630378906B19F44E800020

    Can See Breakables And Clues Without Binoc-U-Cam
    0 002D4AD0 801F002C
    0 002D4AD4 8069000C
    0 002D4AD8 2B800001
    0 002D4ADC 4C9E0020
    0 002D4AE0 80629758
    0 002D4AE4 4E800020
    0 002D4AE8 800305E0
    0 002D4AEC 2800000A
    0 002D4AF0 800305B4
    0 002D4AF4 4C820020
    0 002D4AF8 68800001
    0 002D4AFC 4E800020
    0 002D4B00 80829758
    0 002D4B04 38000000
    0 002D4B08 900405B4
    0 002D4B0C 4E800020
    0 00140D40 482D4AD3
    0 0002B034 482D4AEB
    0 00140AA4 482D4B03
    0 0002C79C 38000001
    0 0002CB1C 38000001
    0 0002CCD8 60000000
    Routine 1 partially makes
    the game give you the
    effect of seeing things
    through the Binoc-U-Cam,
    except it is only the
    effect needed to make the
    game mark breakables and
    clue bottles.

    Routine 2 makes the game
    check if there are more
    than 10 items marked, and
    if so, delete current
    targets and start marking
    new ones again. This is
    done because the game has
    a 10 target limit and
    starts lagging and making
    things not appear on
    screen if you get more
    than that amount. Once
    you go over the limit,
    the targets never
    disappear either so even
    if you break things the
    crosshair will stay in
    place forever causing
    visual clutter and lag
    and whatever else issues.
    It might even still do
    that, and if needed this
    is the line with the
    limit you would need to
    0 002D4AEC 2800000A

    Routine 3 makes it fake
    the part where it thinks
    the Binoc-U-Cam is active
    when you go from level to
    level, or targets will
    not get marked and the
    game can crash if you use
    the Binoc-U-Cam. It gets
    set to 0 when Sly loads
    on a level, and the game
    instantly sets it back to
    1 and then targets start
    getting marked.

    Line 4 makes normal
    breakables that appear as
    red targets appear.

    Line 5 makes clue bottles
    appear as green targets.

    Line 6 makes the game
    act like you have the
    blueprint stuff
    unlocked without saving
    it so everything
    SET OGP=0008000800080008008000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=00080008000800080080000000000000801F002C8069000C2B8000014C9E0020806297584E800020800305E02800000A800305B44C820020688000014E8000208082975838000000900405B44E800020
    SET OGP=813F002C5529103A3929FFFC7D2907B47D3D4A148069000C2F830000419E01D4
    SET COP=813F002C5529103A3929FFFC7D2907B47D3D4A14482D4AD32F830000419E01D4
    SET OGP=FBE100A87C7C1B787C9923787C7A1B78918100B87C0802A6F80100C0800305B4
    SET COP=FBE100A87C7C1B787C9923787C7A1B78918100B87C0802A6F80100C0482D4AEB
    SET OGP=380000013920FFFF901F002C38000000913F0030901F000C806B00BC38800003
    SET COP=380000013920FFFF901F002C482D4B03913F0030901F000C806B00BC38800003
    SET OGP=13FFF9847E7A9B78F92112D83AA0000013DEF4C47A930020418E0360801B0570
    SET COP=13FFF9847E7A9B78F92112D83AA0000013DEF4C47A930020418E036038000001
    SET OGP=60000000800100702F800000409EFC94801B05702F800001409EFC887F8EA800
    SET COP=60000000800100702F800000409EFC94380000012F800001409EFC887F8EA800
    SET OGP=60000000800100707C6900387B9F00202C0900003880000138A000007FE3FB7841820038
    SET COP=60000000800100707C6900387B9F00202C0900003880000138A000007FE3FB7860000000

    Button Enable Code
    0 002D1AA0 A15F00A8
    0 002D1AA4 3D600118
    0 002D1AA8 B14BF000
    0 002D1AAC 71400200
    0 002D1AB0 A38BF002
    0 002D1AB4 B00BF002
    0 002D1AB8 2B800200
    0 002D1ABC 409E0018
    0 002D1AC0 7F9C0040
    0 002D1AC4 419E0010
    0 002D1AC8 880BF004
    0 002D1ACC 68000001
    0 002D1AD0 980BF004
    0 002D1AD4 4E800020
    0 00084A44 482D1AA3
    0001 = L2
    0002 = R2
    0004 = L1
    0008 = R1
    0010 = Triangle
    0020 = O
    0040 = X
    0080 = []
    0100 = Select
    0200 = L3
    0400 = R3
    0800 = Start
    1000 = ^
    2000 = >
    4000 = \/
    8000 = <
    SET OGP=F1F2F3F4F5F6F7F8F9FAFBFCFDFEFF2F0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=F1F2F3F4F5F6F7F8F9FAFBFCFDFEFF2FA15F00A83D600118B14BF00071400200A38BF002B00BF0022B800200409E00187F9C0040418E0010880BF00468000001980BF0044E800020
    SET OGP=60000000A15F00A8817F00184BFFFDCCD1BF0074D1BF0048D1BF0044D1BF0040
    SET COP=60000000482D1AA3817F00184BFFFDCCD1BF0074D1BF0048D1BF0044D1BF0040

    Hold X To Fly
    0 002D1B68 7C20F9CE
    0 002D1B6C 8062C818
    0 002D1B70 80630000
    0 002D1B74 806303DC
    0 002D1B78 7F9D1840
    0 002D1B7C 4C9E0020
    0 002D1B80 3C600118
    0 002D1B84 A063F000
    0 002D1B88 70630040
    0 002D1B8C 2B830040
    0 002D1B90 4C9E0020
    0 002D1B94 3C604440
    0 002D1B98 907D0158
    0 002D1B9C 4E800020
    0 000224C0 482D1B6B
    Requires the Button
    Enable Code to be
    activated or nothing will
    happen when you press X.
    SET OGP=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF00010203040506070809FFFFFFFFFFFF
    SET OGP=11AD082E7DA049CE7C18040E7C20C8CE1000028C7DA0F8CE1021682E7C20F9CE
    SET COP=11AD082E7DA049CE7C18040E7C20C8CE1000028C7DA0F8CE1021682E482D1B6B

    Press L3 To Toggle Stopping Enemies In Place
    0 002D4BA4 3C600118
    0 002D4BA8 8863F004
    0 002D4BAC 2B830001
    0 002D4BB0 409E0018
    0 002D4BB4 8062C818
    0 002D4BB8 80630000
    0 002D4BBC 806303DC
    0 002D4BC0 7F9D1840
    0 002D4BC4 409E0008
    0 002D4BC8 7DA049CE
    0 002D4BCC 4E800020
    0 000224A8 482D4BA7
    Requires the Button
    Enable code to be
    activated or nothing will
    happen when you press L3.
    SET OGP=000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000FFFF000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=3C6001188863F0042B830001409E00188062C81880630000806303DC7F9D1840409E00087DA049CE4E80002000000000FFFF000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET OGP=EC0D00321021602ED00101207C01008E380000081000028C11AD082E7DA049CE
    SET COP=EC0D00321021602ED00101207C01008E380000081000028C11AD082E482D4BA7

    I currently have this for the Clue Bottles, but haven't used it yet even though I have a good idea of how to do it.
    Bottle Amount Gained
    000BF9F8 812B0000 lwz        r9,0x0(r11)
    000BFA00 39290001 addi       r9,r9,0x1
    000BFA08 912B0000 stw        r9,0x0(r11)
    Which Bottle Gained
    000BF9B8 81230594 lwz        r9,0x594(r3)
    000BF9D8 5529077E clrlwi     r9,r9,29
    000BF9E0 7C074830 slw        r7,r0,r9
    000BF9E4 89460004 lbz        r10,0x4(r6)
    000BF9FC 7CE05378 or         r0,r7,r10
    000BFA04 98060004 stb        r0,0x4(r6)
    I have the parts to give me the clue, but not the parts to make the bottle not appear. I can make it just give you them on the level at this point, but not make them disappear even though picking them up wouldn't likely cause any problems.
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    I'm just randomly updating and editing the 1st post as I find more things, just like I did with Jak 2. I still haven't started on Dishonored yet.

    6-10-2018 12:43 AM: Yeah, it's late at night.
    ! Added 3 more lines to the code to hold X to fly. I kept wondering why there were 2 addresses, and I guess they are both Sly but for different things I guess. Now Sly should be able to fly in any place. I 1st noticed at the beginning of the game when you are breaking into Carmelita's safe, I could fly up until the point where she appeared and started shooting at me, and then I could no longer fly. Added the 3 more lines to check that 1st address too instead of only the 2nd one, and now I can fly there too so hopefully it works everywhere since I only ever see 2 addresses appear there.
    + Added 1 code for the Master Thief Sprint Timer. The 1st line prevents it from decreasing by a fraction of a second from it being created, and the 2nd line prevents it from decreasing from every second after that.

    6-10-2018 10:48 PM:
    ! Added 2 more lines to invincibility. 1 of them is the one I had for water in the comment, but then I learned I just happened to have jumped into water with no bottom while some areas have a floor so you don't fall forever. Another I encountered from jumping on an electrified floor.
    + Added a code to make the master thief sprint hourglass from disappearing.
    + Added a code to just have all of the techniques and blueprints.
    + Added a code to unlock any level by just hovering the cursor over them. I'll probably change it to not require moving the cursor over them, and instead just unlock them all.
    + Added a code to be able to open any vault without having a single clue.
    + Added a code to be able to see breakables and clues without looking through the Binoc-U-Cam. Took hours to fix bugs, and there's still 2 problems left to fix with it.

    6-12-2018 12:12 PM:
    ! Changed the code to see breakables and clues without using the Binoc-U-Cam. It should now hopefully work as is without any bugs or crashes and not require you to have the blueprint or anything to make it work.

    6-14-2018 5:15 PM:
    ! Changed the code to hold X to fly to work correctly using a different pointer path. I don't know what those other things appearing in the area of my previous pointer path were, possibly Sly and then a mixed of scripted characters or enemies.
    ! Added more values to the description of the code to have all techniques and blueprints.
    + Added 1 code for a nitro gained multiplier, 1 for max nitros on gain, and 1 more for nitros to never decrease.
    I have some currently broken and unusable stuff relating to racing that I need to fix. The hold X to fly code also made my vehicle fly, and that's making me consider a button combo to freeze anything in place that is not sly because that would make racing and other things probably easy.

    1 Lap To Complete Races
    0 00128840 39200001

    Race Position
    0 00129724 3B200001
    00129730 801E0AF8
    000D9B24 80080000
    000D9B2C 419E0110
    00127FD0 80030AF8

    Lap Modifier
    0 00128840 39290001

    Bosses Die From Any Damage
    0 000D92C8 39200000
    0 000D9350 39600000
    0 0013FFE0 20190003
    doesn't work, only visual

    6-14-2018 5:34 PM:
    + I forgot to add the 4 codes for the underwater treasure chest level with the crabs. A multiplier, a thing to not lose, a thing to gain from losing them, and unlimited treasure chests dropping.

    6-19-2018 10:09 PM:
    ! I found an alternative solution to the code to prevent you from losing on the underwater level with treasure chests like I expected. I found where it reads for a value greater than 0, and instead caused it to always be zero so there's no longer a OGP/COP conflict.
    ! Modified the Button Enable Code to add a chunk into it for the L3 toggle to be used for the new code to trap enemies in place by pressing L3.
    + Found a code for opening locks. Tested on the 1st 2 parts of the game where you need 4 to get to the 2nd half of the area, and 7 total to use the cannon to get to the frog boss. I'm assuming it works fine since I had less than those amounts and it worked.
    + Added 1 code to press L3 to toggle enemies getting stuck in place not that anybody needs it because they already can't hurt you. It's mainly to make racing easier if needed, even though the races are easy. I haven't even tested it on that race yet.
    I ended up finding the cursor while in the Hideout choosing where to go, and near that was a value I could change to have access to all areas which would complete the code to be able to access all levels since you could then choose the certain areas with the certain stages.
    0 36C541C3 02

    Something randomly crashes my game on the frog boss while jumping and attacking him. If I can't reliably trigger the crash, then I can't reliably find and fix the cause.

    6-21-2018 11:51 AM:
    + Found another invincibility code that I haven't tested much yet. It's a more natural type of invincibility since enemies keep attacking and once you turn it off it actually turns off unlike the other 1.
    + Made a code to keep enemies stuck on lap 1 on races and you will only need 1 lap to complete any race.
    Tested the code to trap enemies in place, and it works on the race too so you can trap all other racers in place if you wanted.

    Investigated what I found for my place in a race, and it turns out your opponents have no place in the race. They have basically all of the same data like which lap they are on, but not a place of where they are in a race. All it does is check if any of them beat you to lap 4, and if so you lose.

    There's still a tiny graphical bug in the code for the Binoc-U-Cam always showing breakables and clues that you'll notice when pressing Select or going from 1 level to another, but it still hasn't crashed the game as far as I know.
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