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    I have NPUA80707 v01.00 av01.00. I started off using dnawrkshp's memory codes for BCUS98281 for weapons, items, abilities, health, jumping, and ammo to save a little time. Since they matched my version, there's a good chance everything works on BCUS98281 too even though I don't have it to be able to test and verify that.

    Invincibility And Can Never Lose
    0 009915EC 4E800020
    You can never fail
    missions or anything like
    that with this, you will
    be forced to reload games
    and whatever else and can
    swim endlessly through
    water. It affects
    anything that is a loss,
    even things like being
    too far away from an ally
    even though that has
    nothing to do with your

    Falling damage still
    decreases your health.
    SET OGP=7E010428FBBB0100382101204E800020F821FF617C0802A6F80100B07FA802A6380000207FA10528EBBB010038000030
    SET COP=7E010428FBBB0100382101204E8000204E8000207C0802A6F80100B07FA802A6380000207FA10528EBBB010038000030

    Invincibility But Can Still Lose
    0 0099179C 60000000
    The same effects as the
    other one, except this
    one allows you to lose.
    Walking too far from your
    ally will trigger a loss,
    swimming too far into
    water and getting shot
    will still kill you, and
    other various things will
    trigger a loss.

    Falling damage still
    decreases your health.
    SET OGP=396000003D600200616B000C380000B87C76042C7D6B18382C2B00004182000C
    SET COP=396000003D600200616B000C380000B87C76042C7D6B18382C2B000060000000

    Damage Fully Refills Health
    0 003F3A5C 38400050
    0 003F3A84 7C5C142C
    SET OGP=C01B0400807B04007C6307B438800000929B0400C01B0400FC000050D01B040080BB04007CA507B4481FA089
    SET COP=38400050807B04007C6307B438800000929B0400C01B0400FC000050D01B040080BB04007CA507B47C5C142C

    Firing Fully Refills Ammo
    0 003F6F3C D3DB0400
    0 003F6F4C 909B0400
    SET OGP=3BA000A07C0BEC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B43880000092BB0400
    SET COP=3BA000A07C0BEC2C901B0400D3DB0400807B04007C6307B438800000909B0400

    Max Dark Eco On Gain
    0 003F695C 60820000
    SET OGP=409A0180380002637F37042C3BA000747C1CEC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B4380007DB7D77042C7D6B07B43BA000407C0BEC2C901B0400C01B0400809B04007C8407B47EA5AB78481F71B1
    SET COP=409A0180380002637F37042C3BA000747C1CEC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B4380007DB7D77042C7D6B07B43BA000407C0BEC2C901B0400C01B0400809B04007C8407B47EA5AB7860820000

    Using Dark Eco Fully Refills Dark Eco
    0 003F6ACC 380007DB
    0 003F6AD0 7FB7042C
    0 003F6AD4 38000040
    0 003F6AD8 7C1D042C
    SET OGP=3BA000747C1CEC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B43880000092BB0400C01B0400FC000050D01B040080BB04007CA507B4481F7041905B0400C01B0400801B0400
    SET COP=3BA000747C1CEC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B43880000092BB0400C01B0400FC000050D01B040080BB04007CA507B4380007DB7FB7042C380000407C1D042C

    Have All Weapons
    0 004AD1D8 7C430428
    0 004AD1DC 7D6B1378
    0 004AD1E0 7D630528
    0 004AD1E4 4800000C
    0 0098136C 7FB6042C
    0 00981374 7C9D0428
    0 00981378 60840020
    0 0098137C 7C9D0528
    SET OGP=7D6B0038380000D07C7C042C3800007C7C6304287D6B18382C2B00004082000C
    SET COP=7D6B0038380000D07C7C042C3800007C7C4304287D6B13787D6305284800000C
    SET OGP=7EEBBB7838770004380000D07C96042C3800007C7C840428380000207C840038
    SET COP=7EEBBB7838770004380000D07FB6042C3800007C7C9D0428608400207C9D0528

    Have Jet-Board
    0 005C0C00 7FB6042C
    0 005C0C08 7C7D0428
    0 005C0C0C 60630400
    0 005C0C10 7C7D0528
    SET OGP=7C4B137839770004380000D07C76042C3800007C7C630428380004007C630038
    SET COP=7C4B137839770004380000D07FB6042C3800007C7C7D0428606304007C7D0528

    Have Scatter Gun Firing Rate Upgrade
    0 009869C4 7C6B0428
    0 009869CC 7C630378
    0 009869D0 3800007C
    0 009869D4 7C6B0528
    SET OGP=380000D07D76042C3800007C7D6B0428380040007D6B00382C2B00004182001C
    SET COP=380000D07D76042C3800007C7C6B0428380040007C6303783800007C7C6B0528

    Have Ammo Capacity Upgrade
    0 00520534 7FAB0428
    0 00520538 3B200000
    0 0052053C 63398000
    0 00520540 7FBDCB78
    0 00520544 7FAB0528
    SET OGP=7D77042C7D6B07B43800007C7D6B042838000000600080007D6B00387D7D5B78
    SET COP=7D77042C7D6B07B43800007C7FAB04283B200000633980007FBDCB787FAB0528

    Have Weapon Damage Upgrade
    0 004BAF30 7C430428
    0 004BAF34 7DB61378
    0 004BAF38 7D630528
    0 004BAF3C 60000000
    SET OGP=7C5C052C3D600001380003277C77042C7C6307B43800007C7C6304287D6B18382C2B00004182000C
    SET COP=7C5C052C3D600001380003277C77042C7C6307B43800007C7C4304287DB613787D63052860000000

    Have Daxter
    0 005C0B98 7C640428
    0 005C0B9C 3BA01000
    0 005C0BA0 7C63EB78
    0 005C0BA4 7C640528
    0 005C0BA8 60000000
    SET OGP=380000D07C96042C3800007C7C840428380010007C8400382C24000041820008
    SET COP=380000D07C96042C3800007C7C6404283BA010007C63EB787C64052860000000

    No Daxter
    0 005C0B98 7C640428
    0 005C0B9C 3BA0EFFF
    0 005C0BA0 7C63E338
    0 005C0BA4 7C640528
    0 005C0BA8 60000000
    SET OGP=380000D07C96042C3800007C7C840428380010007C8400382C24000041820008
    SET COP=380000D07C96042C3800007C7C6404283BA0EFFF7C63E3387C64052860000000

    Can Transform Into Dark Jak
    0 0096CEE8 7C6B0428
    0 0096CEF0 7C630378
    0 0096CEF4 3800007C
    0 0096CEF8 7C6B0528
    0 0096CEFC 48000008
    SET OGP=7D76042C3800007C7D6B0428380020007D6B00382C2B00004082000C7EE2BB78
    SET COP=7D76042C3800007C7C6B0428380020007C6303783800007C7C6B052848000008

    Can Do Dark Blast
    0 0096AC44 7FA30428
    0 0096AC48 7D6BEB78
    0 0096AC4C 7D630528
    0 0096AC50 7D7D5B78
    0 0096AC54 7EEBBB78
    0 0096AC58 60000000
    SET OGP=3D600080380000D07C76042C3800007C7C6304287D6B18387D7D5B787EEBBB782C3D000041820028
    SET COP=3D600080380000D07C76042C3800007C7FA304287D6BEB787D6305287D7D5B787EEBBB7860000000

    Can Do Dark Bomb
    0 0096ABF8 7FA30428
    0 0096ABFC 7D6BEB78
    0 0096AC00 7D630528
    0 0096AC04 7D7D5B78
    0 0096AC08 7EEBBB78
    0 0096AC0C 60000000
    SET OGP=3D600040380000D07C76042C3800007C7C6304287D6B18387D7D5B787EEBBB782C3D000041820028
    SET COP=3D600040380000D07C76042C3800007C7FA304287D6BEB787D6305287D7D5B787EEBBB7860000000

    Have Dark Jak Invincibility
    0 0096AC90 7FA30428
    0 0096AC94 7D6BEB78
    0 0096AC98 7D630528
    0 0096AC9C 7D7D5B78
    0 0096ACA0 7EEBBB78
    0 0096ACA4 60000000
    SET OGP=3D600100380000D07C76042C3800007C7C6304287D6B18387D7D5B787EEBBB782C3D000041820028
    SET COP=3D600100380000D07C76042C3800007C7FA304287D6BEB787D6305287D7D5B787EEBBB7860000000

    Can Do Dark Giant
    0 0096D158 7D6B1B78
    0 0096D15C 7C76042C
    0 0096D160 7D630528
    0 0096D164 60000000
    SET OGP=380000D07C76042C3800007C7C6304287D6B18382C2B0000408200087EE2BB78
    SET COP=380000D07C76042C3800007C7C6304287D6B1B787C76042C7D63052860000000

    Can Never Alert Krimzon Guards
    0 00A72034 480002FC
    0 00A74CDC 4E800020
    SET OGP=4182000C3960000048000010897C002C616B0001997C002C7C37A800418202FC
    SET COP=4182000C3960000048000010897C002C616B0001997C002C7C37A800480002FC
    SET OGP=8963002C380000207D6B00382C2B00004082000C7EEBBB784800002839770004
    SET COP=4E800020380000207D6B00382C2B00004082000C7EEBBB784800002839770004

    Turret Health Never Decreases
    0 009C6998 60620000
    0 009C6AD0 60620000
    SET OGP=7C16EC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B4388000003CA03E804BC27175
    SET COP=7C16EC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B4388000003CA03E8060620000
    SET OGP=7C16EC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B4388000003CA03F004BC2703D
    SET COP=7C16EC2C901B0400C01B0400807B04007C6307B4388000003CA03F0060620000

    Turret Never Overheats
    0 009C5A74 38400000
    SET OGP=4BC28099905B0400C01B0400801B04003BA0020C7C16ED2C380002637F37042C
    SET COP=38400000905B0400C01B0400801B04003BA0020C7C16ED2C380002637F37042C

    Damage Fully Refills Titan Suit's Health
    0 009A3A08 800B00CC
    0 009A3A10 900B00C8
    SET OGP=4BC4A119905B0400C01B0400380008A47D76042C801B04003BA000C87C0BED2C
    SET COP=4BC4A119905B0400C01B0400380008A47D76042C800B00CC3BA000C8900B00C8

    Titan Suit Oxygen Never Decreases
    0 00AB6FBC 60000000
    SET OGP=38800000C01B0D54380000087D76042C3BA0004C7C0BEC2C901B0404C03B0404EC000072D01B040080BB04007CA507B44BB36B51
    SET COP=38800000C01B0D54380000087D76042C3BA0004C7C0BEC2C901B0404C03B0404EC000072D01B040080BB04007CA507B460000000

    Infinite Racing Turbos
    0 00AD8674 38600003
    0 00AD8678 997C03DD
    SET OGP=380040007D6B00387D7D5B787EEBBB782C3D000041820024897C03DD7D6B0774
    SET COP=380040007D6B00387D7D5B787EEBBB782C3D00004182002438600003997C03DD

    Complete 1 Lap To Finish Any Race
    0 007D77B8 997C001B
    SET OGP=7C8323783800003C7C7C052C380000407D7C052C7D60AC2C896B006E7D6B0774
    SET COP=7C8323783800003C7C7C052C380000407D7C052C7D60AC2C896B006E997C001B

    No Missed Buttons In Onin Game
    0 0071B440 39600000
    SET OGP=4E8004213960FFFF380001347D76052C380001247D76042C7D6B07B4396B0001
    SET COP=4E8004213960FFFF380001347D76052C380001247D76042C7D6B07B439600000

    1 Correct Button Completes The Onin Game
    0 0071B9E8 3C0043C8
    0 0071B9EC 901B0400
    SET OGP=3BA0010C7C1CEC2C901B0400C01B04003BA001387C1CEC2C901B0404C03B0404EC00082AD01B0400
    SET COP=3BA0010C7C1CEC2C901B0400C01B04003BA001387C1CEC2C901B0404C03B04043C0043C8901B0400

    Complete Metal Head Mash Game Mission By Hitting 1 Metal Head
    0 00B1BF8C 3C0044BB
    0 00B1BF90 60008000
    0 00B1BF94 901B0400
    0 00B1C25C 3C0044BB
    0 00B1C260 60008000
    0 00B1C264 901B0400
    SET OGP=7D75042CC01B09E03BA001247C16EC2C901B0404C03B0404EC00082AD01B0400
    SET COP=7D75042CC01B09E03BA001247C16EC2C901B04043C0044BB60008000901B0400
    SET OGP=7D75042CC01B090C3BA001247C16EC2C901B0404C03B0404EC00082AD01B0400
    SET COP=7D75042CC01B090C3BA001247C16EC2C901B04043C0044BB60008000901B0400

    Unlimited Time In The Metal Head Mash Game Mission
    0 00B1B6A4 39600000
    0 00B1DFDC 38400000
    Line 1 is for the
    electrical metal head
    that causes you to lose
    2 by hitting it.

    Line 2 is for a metal
    head going down into its
    hole before you hit it.
    SET OGP=7EEBBB7839770004380001347D76052C380001387D76042C7D6B07B4396B0002
    SET COP=7EEBBB7839770004380001347D76052C380001387D76042C7D6B07B439600000
    SET OGP=38770DD87EE2BB787C2B18004082001C380001387D76042C7D6B07B4384B0001
    SET COP=38770DD87EE2BB787C2B18004082001C380001387D76042C7D6B07B438400000

    Baron Praxis's Helicopter's Ammo Fully Depletes From Firing
    0 008F9CDC EC000028
    SET OGP=C05B0408907B040CC07B040CEC42182AEEE11028FC37106EEEE00828FC17006E
    SET COP=C05B0408907B040CC07B040CEC42182AEEE11028FC37106EEEE00828EC000028

    Baron Praxis's Helicopter's Ammo Fully Depletes From Refilling
    0 00907C38 38000000
    0 00907C3C 901B0400
    SET OGP=C01B08A0D01B0400801B04003BA004407C16ED2C380004847D7604287C775850
    SET COP=38000000901B0400801B04003BA004407C16ED2C380004847D7604287C775850

    Baron Praxis's Helicopter's Health And Krew's Health Fully Deplete From Any Damage
    0 008F936C 38600000
    0 008F93BC 38600000
    SET OGP=7EEBBB787C3758004182005439600000380004447C76042C7C6307B43863FFFE
    SET COP=7EEBBB787C3758004182005439600000380004447C76042C7C6307B438600000
    SET OGP=480118217C4B13784800005039600000380004447C76042C7C6307B43863FFFF
    SET COP=480118217C4B13784800005039600000380004447C76042C7C6307B438600000

    Baron Praxis's Drill's Health Fully Depletes From Any Damage
    0 00B22C74 61630000
    SET OGP=408209E039600004380001447C76042C7C6307B4380000187C9C04287C632214
    SET COP=408209E039600004380001447C76042C7C6307B4380000187C9C042861630000

    Metal Kor's Health Fully Depletes From Any Damage
    0 006615A4 38000000
    SET OGP=7C16EC2C901B0408C05B0408EC020028EEE10028FC17006ED01B0400801B0400
    SET COP=7C16EC2C901B0408C05B0408EC020028EEE10028FC17006ED01B040038000000

    Any Vehicle Jak Is In Fully Refills Health From Damage
    0 00B56650 D01B0400
    0 00B56654 3800FFFC
    0 00B56658 7FBC042C
    0 00B5665C 380000F4
    0 00B56660 7FBD042C
    0 00B56664 83BD0010
    0 00B56668 801C0044
    0 00B5666C 7F9D0040
    0 00B56670 409E000C
    0 00B56674 3C003F80
    0 00B56678 901B0400
    0 00B5667C 4E800020
    0 00AE2BD8 48B56653
    SET OGP=0000000000000000000000003F8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=0000000000000000000000003F8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000D01B04003800FFFC7FBC042C380000F47FBD042C83BD0010801C00447F9D0040409E000C3C003F80901B04004E800020
    SET OGP=C03B04043BA001A07C1CEC2C901B0408C05B0408EC2100B2EC000828D01B0400
    SET COP=C03B04043BA001A07C1CEC2C901B0408C05B0408EC2100B2EC00082848B56653

    Any Vehicle Jak Is Not In Is Destroyed From Damage
    0 00B56704 3800FFFC
    0 00B56708 7FBC042C
    0 00B5670C 380000F4
    0 00B56710 7FBD042C
    0 00B56714 83BD0010
    0 00B56718 801C0044
    0 00B5671C 7F9D0040
    0 00B56720 801B0400
    0 00B56724 419E0008
    0 00B56728 3C00BF00
    0 00B5672C 4E800020
    0 00AE2BDC 48B56707
    SET OGP=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000005365744D5353747265616D506172616D
    SET COP=3800FFFC7FBC042C380000F47FBD042C83BD0010801C00447F9D0040801B0400419E00083C00BF004E8000205365744D5353747265616D506172616D
    SET OGP=801B04003BA0019C7C1CED2C3800003C7E94042C3A600000480000D838000001
    SET COP=48B567073BA0019C7C1CED2C3800003C7E94042C3A600000480000D838000001

    Any Vehicle Jak Is In Is Invincible From Anything That Is Not Collision
    0 00C03800 3800FFFC
    0 00C03804 7FBC042C
    0 00C03808 380000F4
    0 00C0380C 7FBD042C
    0 00C03810 83BD0010
    0 00C03814 801C0044
    0 00C03818 7F9D0040
    0 00C0381C 4D9D0020
    0 00C03820 F821FF01
    0 00C03824 48AE7D0A
    0 00AE7D04 48C03802
    This will mess with the
    code that allows you to
    pass through damaged
    vehicles by preventing
    you from going through
    SET OGP=00080008000800080080000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=0008000800080008008000000000000000000000000000003800FFFC7FBC042C380000F47FBD042C83BD0010801C00447F9D00404D9D0020F821FF0148AE7D0A
    SET OGP=F821FF017C0802A6F80101107FA802A6380000207FA10528EBBB0100380000907E010528380000987FA10528EBBB0110380000A07E210528380000A87FA10528EBBB0120380000B07E410528380000B87FA10528EBBB0130380000C07E610528380000C87FA10528EBBB0140380000D07E810528380000D87FA10528EBBB0150380000E07EA10528380000E87FA10528EBBB01C0380000F07F810528380000F87FA105287C7C1B787C912378
    SET COP=48C038027C0802A6F80101107FA802A6380000207FA10528EBBB0100380000907E010528380000987FA10528EBBB0110380000A07E210528380000A87FA10528EBBB0120380000B07E410528380000B87FA10528EBBB0130380000C07E610528380000C87FA10528EBBB0140380000D07E810528380000D87FA10528EBBB0150380000E07EA10528380000E87FA10528EBBB01C0380000F07F810528380000F87FA105287C7C1B787C912378

    Sig's, Ashelin's, And Samos's Health Never Decrease
    0 00C038D0 828102F0
    0 00C038D4 3C602C09
    0 00C038D8 60631800
    0 00C038DC 7F941840
    0 00C038E0 409E0008
    0 00C038E4 39600000
    0 00C038E8 3A800000
    0 00C038EC 4E800020
    0 00367FEC 48C038D3
    0 003CA048 EC000028
    0 00916944 EC210828
    SET OGP=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003031323334353637
    SET COP=828102F03C602C09606318007F941840409E0008396000003A8000004E80002000000000000000003031323334353637
    SET OGP=3A8000007D6BA8507C3458003860000141800008386000002C23000041820008
    SET COP=48C038D37D6BA8507C3458003860000141800008386000002C23000041820008
    SET OGP=397600EC1261038C100004C412609B0A1013032C380006307E7B00CE128004EB7E8059CEC01B08B0
    SET COP=397600EC1261038C100004C412609B0A1013032C380006307E7B00CE128004EB7E8059CEEC000028
    SET OGP=7C15EC2C901B0404C03B0404817B04047D6B07B4480000083D603F80917B0404C03B0404
    SET COP=7C15EC2C901B0404C03B0404817B04047D6B07B4480000083D603F80917B0404EC210828

    Anything That Is Not Jak, Sig, Ashelin, Or Samos Dies From Any Damage
    0 00C4A820 7EB507B4
    0 00C4A824 828102F0
    0 00C4A828 3C602C09
    0 00C4A82C 60631800
    0 00C4A830 7F941840
    0 00C4A834 419E0008
    0 00C4A838 61750000
    0 00C4A83C 3A800000
    0 00C4A840 4E800020
    0 00367FE8 48C4A823
    SET OGP=000008ED00000043000000000000000000000001000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=000008ED000000430000000000000000000000010000000000000000000000007EB507B4828102F03C602C09606318007F941840419E0008617500003A8000004E800020
    SET OGP=7F2B042C801900007C0903A64E8004217C4B1378380000D87EBC042C7EB507B4
    SET COP=7F2B042C801900007C0903A64E8004217C4B1378380000D87EBC042C48C4A823

    Time Does Not Decrease For Various Underground Missions
    0 00226CAC 39600000
    0 002CA428 60000000
    0 00A02038 60000000
    Line 1 prevents Precursor
    Orbs from vanishing after
    the timer would have
    normally ran out.

    Line 2 prevents it from
    randomly failing while
    the timer never decreases.

    Line 3 prevents the timer
    from decreasing.

    This is useful for
    missions where you either
    hunt for an orb in the
    city, race from
    checkpoint to checkpoint,
    and various other
    SET OGP=7D6B0428380001247C7604287D635850380001347C7604287C2B180038600001
    SET COP=39600000380001247C7604287D635850380001347C7604287C2B180038600001
    SET OGP=7C2B180040820028380001CF7F37042C3800FFFC7D76042C380000547D6B042C380000407D76052C481B02E9
    SET COP=7C2B180040820028380001CF7F37042C3800FFFC7D76042C380000547D6B042C380000407D76052C60000000
    SET OGP=380000087C76042C380000147C630428380001BC7C9C04287C6418507D635850
    SET COP=380000087C76042C380000147C630428380001BC7C9C04287C64185060000000

    Jak Never Explodes When The Time Runs Out In The Blow Up Strip Mine Eco Wells Mission
    0 0092A138 48000008
    The timer still
    decreases, but you will
    not explode and die when
    it reaches 0.
    SET OGP=380001BC7C7604287D635850380001C47C7604287C2B18003960000141800008
    SET COP=380001BC7C7604287D635850380001C47C7604287C2B18003960000148000008

    Timer Never Decreases For Destroy Drill Platform Mission
    0 0032CC78 38600000
    SET OGP=7D760428380000087C76042C380000147C630428380000C47C9604287C641850
    SET COP=7D760428380000087C76042C380000147C630428380000C47C96042838600000

    Points Gained Multiplier For The Win Jet-Board Stadium Challenge Mission
    0 00C196E8 3C00Z
    0 00C196EC 901B0408
    0 00C196F0 C2FB0408
    0 00C196F4 EC5700B2
    0 00C196F8 EC21102A
    0 00C196FC 4E800020
    0 003F4298 48C196EB
    SET OGP=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007F454C4601020100000000000000000000020017000000010000307000000034
    SET COP=3C00????901B0408C2FB0408EC5700B2EC21102A4E8000207F454C4601020100000000000000000000020017000000010000307000000034
    SET OGP=FC00D8903BA000D47C1CEC2C901B0404C03B0404929B0408C05B0408EC21102A
    SET COP=FC00D8903BA000D47C1CEC2C901B0404C03B0404929B0408C05B040848C196EB

    Target Practice Score Multiplier
    0 00C4DCF4 7C860428
    0 00C4DCF8 1C84Z
    0 00C4DCFC 4E800020
    0 004C6074 48C4DCF7
    SET OGP=0000000000000000000000007F454C460102010000000000000000000002001700000001000000900000003400000640000000000034002000030028
    SET COP=7C8604281C84????4E8000207F454C460102010000000000000000000002001700000001000000900000003400000640000000000034002000030028
    SET OGP=7CAB2B7838974AE87C9D23787EE4BB787C2BE800408200A8380000107C860428
    SET COP=7CAB2B7838974AE87C9D23787EE4BB787C2BE800408200A83800001048C4DCF7

    All Targets Increase Score
    0 00C49D6C 7C6B1B78
    0 00C49D70 2F84FFFF
    0 00C49D74 419D0008
    0 00C49D78 1C84FFFF
    0 00C49D7C 4E800020
    0 004C6078 48C196B3
    SET OGP=00000000000000000000000000000000000000007F454C460102010000000000000000000002001700000001000000900000003400000930000000000034002000030028
    SET COP=7C6B1B782F84FFFF419D00081C84FFFF4E8000207F454C460102010000000000000000000002001700000001000000900000003400000930000000000034002000030028
    SET OGP=7C6B1B783800008C7C76042C7C6307B47C6322143800008C7C76052C380000D4
    SET COP=48C196B33800008C7C76042C7C6307B47C6322143800008C7C76052C380000D4

    Metal Head Skull Gems Gained Multiplier
    0 00C4A868 3C00Z
    0 00C4A86C 9001FFF8
    0 00C4A870 C041FFF8
    0 00C4A874 EC2100B2
    0 00C4A878 EC00082A
    0 00C4A87C 4E800020
    0 003F63F8 48C4A86B
    SET OGP=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007F454C4601020100000000000000000000020017000000010000009000000034000006D8000000000034002000030028
    SET COP=3C00????9001FFF8C041FFF8EC2100B2EC00082A4E8000207F454C4601020100000000000000000000020017000000010000009000000034000006D8000000000034002000030028
    SET OGP=7C4313783BA000607C1CEC2C901B0400C01B040092BB0404C03B0404EC00082A
    SET COP=7C4313783BA000607C1CEC2C901B0400C01B040092BB0404C03B040448C4A86B

    Precursor Orbs Gained Multiplier
    0 00C4DCA0 3C00Z
    0 00C4DCA4 9001FFF8
    0 00C4DCA8 C041FFF8
    0 00C4DCAC EC2100B2
    0 00C4DCB0 EC00082A
    0 00C4DCB4 4E800020
    0 003F6654 48C4DCA3
    0 003F6688 48C4DCA3
    You can use value 447A to
    easily unlock everything
    in the Secrets Menu by
    picking up 1 Orb.
    SET OGP=000000000000076D000000460000000000000000000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=000000000000076D0000004600000000000000000000000100000000000000003C00????9001FFF8C041FFF8EC2100B2EC00082A4E800020
    SET OGP=EC00082AD01B0400801B04003BA0006C7C1CED2C817B04007D6B07B43BA000687C1CEC2C901B0400C01B040092BB0404C03B0404EC00082A
    SET COP=48C4DCA3D01B0400801B04003BA0006C7C1CED2C817B04007D6B07B43BA000687C1CEC2C901B0400C01B040092BB0404C03B040448C4DCA3

    Can Access Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Dark Jak, And Invulnerability In The Secrets Menu
    0 007A8600 7E4B042C
    0 007A8604 3A600000
    0 007A8608 62738000
    0 007A860C 7E529B78
    0 007A8610 7E4B052C
    0 007A8614 48000008
    SET OGP=7CB12B783AB70004380003277D77042C7D6B07B43800008C7D6B042C38000000600080007D6B00382C2B000040820008
    SET COP=7CB12B783AB70004380003277D77042C7D6B07B43800008C7E4B042C3A600000627380007E529B787E4B052C48000008

    Button Enable Code
    0 00C01B70 3FA00181
    0 00C01B74 B27DF000
    0 00C01B78 726B0410
    0 00C01B7C 2B8B0410
    0 00C01B80 409E000C
    0 00C01B84 39600000
    0 00C01B88 48000014
    0 00C01B8C 726B0420
    0 00C01B90 2B8B0420
    0 00C01B94 409E000C
    0 00C01B98 39600001
    0 00C01B9C 48000014
    0 00C01BA0 726B0440
    0 00C01BA4 2B8B0440
    0 00C01BA8 409E000C
    0 00C01BAC 39600002
    0 00C01BB0 48000014
    0 00C01BB4 726B0480
    0 00C01BB8 2B8B0480
    0 00C01BBC 409E000C
    0 00C01BC0 39600003
    0 00C01BC4 997DF002
    0 00C01BC8 726B0402
    0 00C01BCC A01DF004
    0 00C01BD0 B27DF004
    0 00C01BD4 2B8B0402
    0 00C01BD8 409E0018
    0 00C01BDC 7F930040
    0 00C01BE0 419E0010
    0 00C01BE4 881DF003
    0 00C01BE8 68000001
    0 00C01BEC 981DF003
    0 00C01BF0 89740007
    0 00C01BF4 4E800020
    0 00725F58 48C01B73
    0001 = Select
    0002 = L3
    0004 = R3
    0008 = Start
    0010 = ^
    0020 = >
    0040 = \/
    0080 = <
    0100 = L2
    0200 = R2
    0400 = L1
    0800 = R1
    1000 = Triangle
    2000 = O
    4000 = X
    8000 = []
    SET OGP=F9FAFBFCFDFEFF2F000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=F9FAFBFCFDFEFF2F00000000000000003FA00181B27DF000726B04102B8B0410409E000C3960000048000014726B04202B8B0420409E000C3960000148000014726B04402B8B0440409E000C3960000248000014726B04802B8B0480409E000C39600003997DF002726B0402A01DF004B27DF0042B8B0402409E00187F930040419E0010881DF00368000001981DF003897400074E800020
    SET OGP=4182000C396000FF480000083960000099740013380000027E74062C89740007
    SET COP=4182000C396000FF480000083960000099740013380000027E74062C48C01B73

    Press L1 + L3 To Toggle Being Able To Go Through Other Vehicles And Characters
    0 00C01BF8 7C2B1800
    0 00C01BFC 3D600181
    0 00C01C00 896BF003
    0 00C01C04 2B8B0001
    0 00C01C08 4C9E0020
    0 00C01C0C 2B930001
    0 00C01C10 4D9E0020
    0 00C01C14 48AE71A2
    0 00C01C18 7C2B1800
    0 00C01C1C 3C600181
    0 00C01C20 8863F003
    0 00C01C24 2B830001
    0 00C01C28 4C9E0020
    0 00C01C2C 48AE6D92
    0 00C01C30 7C2BE800
    0 00C01C34 3C600181
    0 00C01C38 8863F003
    0 00C01C3C 2B830001
    0 00C01C40 4C9E0020
    0 00C01C44 48802DBE
    0 00C01C48 7C2B1800
    0 00C01C4C 3FA00181
    0 00C01C50 8BBDF003
    0 00C01C54 2B9D0001
    0 00C01C58 4C9E0020
    0 00C01C5C 48803556
    0 00C01C60 3C600181
    0 00C01C64 8863F003
    0 00C01C68 2B830001
    0 00C01C6C 38777AC8
    0 00C01C70 4C9E0020
    0 00C01C74 48AC9D56
    0 00C01C78 62FD0000
    0 00C01C7C 4E800020
    0 00AE6BB0 48C01C1B
    0 00802CEC 48C01C33
    0 0080352C 48C01C4B
    0 00AC9AE4 48C01C63
    0 008035DC 48C01C7A
    0 00ACA098 48C01C7A
    0 00AE7230 48C01C7A
    SET OGP=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000008000000000000000
    SET COP=7C2B18003D600181896BF0032B8B00014C9E00202B9300014D9E002048AE71A27C2B18003C6001818863F0032B8300014C9E002048AE6D927C2BE8003C6001818863F0032B8300014C9E002048802DBE7C2B18003FA001818BBDF0032B9D00014C9E0020488035563C6001818863F0032B83000138777AC84C9E002048AC9D5662FD00004E80002000000000000000008000000000000000
    SET OGP=7C2B1800408201DC380000187E75042838001A837F37042C7E83A3787EA4AB78
    SET COP=48C01C1B408201DC380000187E75042838001A837F37042C7E83A3787EA4AB78
    SET OGP=7C7C1B787C9423787CF53B787CCB337838777AC87C7D1B787EE3BB787C2BE800
    SET COP=7C7C1B787C9423787CF53B787CCB337838777AC87C7D1B787EE3BB7848C01C33
    SET OGP=3BA001007C1CED2C805B04007C4207B44800003438777AB87EE2BB787C2B1800
    SET COP=3BA001007C1CED2C805B04007C4207B44800003438777AB87EE2BB7848C01C4B
    SET OGP=380000407F810528380000487FA105287C7C1B787CF53B787CCB337838777AC8
    SET COP=380000407F810528380000487FA105287C7C1B787CF53B787CCB337848C01C63
    SET OGP=4E800421380000207FA104287FA803A6380000287FC104283BA000747C01EC2C901B0478C3DB04783BA000707C01EC2C901B0470C39B0470380000687FA10428380000607F810428FBBB01C0380000587FA10428380000507EA10428FBBB0150380000487FA10428380000407E810428FBBB0140380000387FA10428380000307E610428FBBB0130382100804E800020
    SET COP=4E800421380000207FA104287FA803A6380000287FC104283BA000747C01EC2C901B0478C3DB04783BA000707C01EC2C901B0470C39B0470380000687FA10428380000607F810428FBBB01C0380000587FA10428380000507EA10428FBBB0150380000487FA10428380000407E810428FBBB0140380000387FA10428380000307E610428FBBB01303821008048C01C7A
    SET OGP=7EA7AB78801900007C0903A64E800421380000207FA104287FA803A6380000287FC10428380000487FA10428380000407F810428FBBB01C0380000387FA10428380000307EA10428FBBB0150382100504E800020
    SET COP=7EA7AB78801900007C0903A64E800421380000207FA104287FA803A6380000287FC10428380000487FA10428380000407F810428FBBB01C0380000387FA10428380000307EA10428FBBB01503821005048C01C7A
    SET OGP=7EA7AB78801900007C0903A64E800421380000207FA104287FA803A6380000287FC10428380000D87FA10428380000D07F810428FBBB01C0380000C87FA10428380000C07EA10428FBBB0150380000B87FA10428380000B07E810428FBBB0140380000A87FA10428380000A07E610428FBBB0130380000987FA10428380000907E410428FBBB0120380000887FA10428380000807E210428FBBB0110382100E04E800020
    SET COP=7EA7AB78801900007C0903A64E800421380000207FA104287FA803A6380000287FC10428380000D87FA10428380000D07F810428FBBB01C0380000C87FA10428380000C07EA10428FBBB0150380000B87FA10428380000B07E810428FBBB0140380000A87FA10428380000A07E610428FBBB0130380000987FA10428380000907E410428FBBB0120380000887FA10428380000807E210428FBBB0110382100E048C01C7A

    Vehicles Cannot Be Shot, But If Damaged You Can Go Through Them
    0 00AE7140 48C01BFB
    Requires the code to be
    able to toggle passing
    through other vehicles to
    be activated before this
    or this will crash the
    game because I left all
    of the main subroutine
    for it in there from
    0x00C01BF8 to 0x00C01C14.

    I have left this separate
    because you will not be
    able to shoot other
    vehicles, but if they
    bump into anything like a
    wall, you will still be
    able to pass through them
    without colliding.

    No amount of messing with
    it to check for only my
    vehicle ever fixed the
    problem with it, it
    either had no effect or
    affected everything.
    SET OGP=3800001C7C6B042C801900007C0903A64E8004214800006838770EEC7C2B1800
    SET COP=3800001C7C6B042C801900007C0903A64E8004214800006838770EEC48C01BFB

    Can Jump In The Air With L1 + X
    0 00C196B0 7D6B1838
    0 00C196B4 3FA00181
    0 00C196B8 A3BDF000
    0 00C196BC 73BD4400
    0 00C196C0 2B9D4400
    0 00C196C4 409E0008
    0 00C196C8 616B0001
    0 00C196CC 4E800020
    0 00261808 48C196B3
    Requires the Button
    Enable Code or nothing
    will happen when you
    press L1 + X.

    Do not rapidly jump or
    you will go very high
    very fast.
    SET OGP=657863657074696F6E3A2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=657863657074696F6E3A2000000000007D6B18383FA00181A3BDF00073BD44002B9D4400409E0008616B00014E800020
    SET OGP=7C01ED2C7C7C1B787C9523787F83E3783800FFFC7D63042C380000C87F2B042C801900007C0903A64E8004217C4B1378380000F47FBC0428380000EC7D7C0428FBBB0030EBBB0030380000FC7D7C0528380001047FBC0528380000E47FBC0428380000DC7D7C0428FBBB0030EBBB0030380000EC7D7C0528380000F47FBC0528380000147FBC04283800000C7D7C0428FBBB0030EBBB0030380000DC7D7C0528380000E47FBC05283800011C7D7C04283800012C7D7C05283D60FFFF616B41003800011C7C7C04287D6B1838
    SET COP=7C01ED2C7C7C1B787C9523787F83E3783800FFFC7D63042C380000C87F2B042C801900007C0903A64E8004217C4B1378380000F47FBC0428380000EC7D7C0428FBBB0030EBBB0030380000FC7D7C0528380001047FBC0528380000E47FBC0428380000DC7D7C0428FBBB0030EBBB0030380000EC7D7C0528380000F47FBC0528380000147FBC04283800000C7D7C0428FBBB0030EBBB0030380000DC7D7C0528380000E47FBC05283800011C7D7C04283800012C7D7C05283D60FFFF616B41003800011C7C7C042848C196B3

    Press L1 + \/ To Be Able To Use R1 To Freeze Everything For 5 Seconds
    0 00C40010 7C6B0428
    0 00C40014 3FA00181
    0 00C40018 8BBDF002
    0 00C4001C 2B9D0002
    0 00C40020 3BA0FFFE
    0 00C40024 7C63E838
    0 00C40028 409E0008
    0 00C4002C 60630001
    0 00C40030 7C6B0528
    0 00C40034 7D6B0428
    0 00C40038 4E800020
    0 0075BB44 48B56653
    Requires the Button
    Enable code to be
    activated or nothing will
    happen when you press the
    button combo.

    L1 + ^ disables it.
    SET OGP=535F41545241430000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=535F41545241430000000000000000007C6B04283FA001818BBDF0022B9D00023BA0FFFE7C63E838409E0008606300017C6B05287D6B04284E800020
    SET OGP=801900007C0903A64E8004217C4B1378380000D07D76042C3800007C7D6B0428
    SET COP=801900007C0903A64E8004217C4B1378380000D07D76042C3800007C48B56653

    Press L1 + > To Be Able To Increase Game Speed With R1
    0 00C40054 7C6B0428
    0 00C40058 3FA00181
    0 00C4005C 8BBDF002
    0 00C40060 2B9D0001
    0 00C40064 3BA0FFFB
    0 00C40068 7C63E838
    0 00C4006C 409E0008
    0 00C40070 60630004
    0 00C40074 7C6B0528
    0 00C40078 7D6B0428
    0 00C4007C 4E800020
    0 0075BE7C 48C40057
    Requires the Button
    Enable code to be
    activated or nothing will
    happen when you press the
    button combo.

    Everything will
    immediately start going
    at 2x speed, and if you
    hold R1 it will be insane

    L1 + ^ disables it, but
    L1 + < or L1 + \/ will
    remove the 2x speed.
    SET OGP=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007F454C4601020100000000000000000000020017000000010000305000000034
    SET COP=7C6B04283FA001818BBDF0022B9D00013BA0FFFB7C63E838409E0008606300047C6B05287D6B04284E8000207F454C4601020100000000000000000000020017000000010000305000000034
    SET OGP=7D76042C380000947C6B052848000AA4380000D07D76042C3800007C7D6B0428
    SET COP=7D76042C380000947C6B052848000AA4380000D07D76042C3800007C48C40057

    Press L1 + < To Be Able To Hold R1 For Slow Motion
    0 00C49D10 7C6B0428
    0 00C49D14 3FA00181
    0 00C49D18 8BBDF002
    0 00C49D1C 2B9D0003
    0 00C49D20 3BA0FFEF
    0 00C49D24 7C63E838
    0 00C49D28 409E0008
    0 00C49D2C 60630010
    0 00C49D30 7C6B0528
    0 00C49D34 7D6B0428
    0 00C49D38 4E800020
    0 0075C3CC 48C49D13
    Requires the Button
    Enable code to be
    activated or nothing will
    happen when you press the
    button combo.

    L1 + ^ disables it.
    SET OGP=00000000000005DD0000004600000000000000000000000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=00000000000005DD0000004600000000000000000000000100000000000000007C6B04283FA001818BBDF0022B9D00033BA0FFEF7C63E838409E0008606300107C6B05287D6B04284E800020
    SET OGP=7C0903A64E8004217C4B137848000554380000D07D76042C3800007C7D6B0428
    SET COP=7C0903A64E8004217C4B137848000554380000D07D76042C3800007C48C49D13

    Press L3 + R3 To Complete The Win Jet-Board Stadium Challenge Mission
    0 00C4D310 39600001
    0 00C4D314 3FA00181
    0 00C4D318 A3BDF000
    0 00C4D31C 73BD0006
    0 00C4D320 2B9D0006
    0 00C4D324 4C9D0020
    0 00C4D328 39600000
    0 00C4D32C 4E800020
    0 0075B9CC 48C4D313
    0 0075B9D4 60000000
    Requires the Button
    Enable code to be
    activated or nothing will
    happen when you press
    L3 + R3 and the
    challenge will never
    stop even when the timer
    reaches 0.
    SET OGP=000000000000205D0000004600000000000000000000000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=000000000000205D000000460000000000000000000000010000000000000000396000013FA00181A3BDF00073BD00062B9D00064C9D0020396000004E800020
    SET OGP=3800009C7C76042C380000EC7C6304287C2B1800396000014180000839600000
    SET COP=3800009C7C76042C380000EC7C6304287C2B180048C4D3134180000860000000
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    Added some stuff for vehicles and found a code to allow you to not trigger officers to attack you. Getting the vehicle code to separate a vehicle Jak was in from other vehicles was a royal pain, I'm still not certain of how well it works but it worked fine for me. It might cause vehicles you jump into to explode because of tiny bumps trigger the code to kill them. As for the officers, I've stolen vehicles they are in and attacked them and they never pursue me or anything, it's just I saw a turret come out of the ground to shoot at me which wasn't anything much. You can hopefully use this stuff to take out other racers, but I haven't gotten far enough to test yet.

    I also have a thing for Jak's current position and a thing for the cursor in the secrets menu that might allow me to just have access to all secrets. I might use the position part to make the jumping code make you fly instead so you don't risk pressing it a few times too quickly and fly a billion miles into the sky.

    EDIT: Fixed code to make officers ignore you. Now ground turrets don't appear either.

    EDIT 4-22-2018 8:24 AM: Added code for the timer between checkpoints in the first checkpoint race thing I encountered. It will basically give you unlimited time between the checkpoints so you should be able to finish no matter what combined with ignoring the police and going through other vehicles with health regenerating from damage.

    EDIT 5-5-2018 5:54 PM: Modified the code for the timer between checkpoints. Previously while testing on a minigame where you need to find an egg hidden in the city within a certain time limit, the game would randomly fail you before the timer expired, and even if that didn't expire the egg would still vanish as if it had its own identical timer somewhere else in memory. It doesn't seem to randomly fail you any more, nor does the egg vanish after the normal amount of time and I was able to pick it up and complete the mission without issues..

    EDIT 5-5-2018 8:10 PM: Realized the invincibility code was preventing me from losing various things. The 1st mission with an ally leading you around wouldn't allow me to lose if I got too far away from him, and that forced me to reload my save data. I couldn't be killed in the water. I also noticed earlier there were a few other things like that but I can't remember what they were. Found another code for invincibility that should fix that if people need it.

    EDIT 5-6-2018 10:08 PM: Found a points modifier for the stunt challenge after you 1st receive the Hoverboard and go through the small tutorial. I have "0 00AF6F34 60000000 // 7D635850" listed for the timer but it's a worthless visual effect only at the moment.

    EDIT 5-12-2018 6:38 PM:
    ! Changed the 1st line of code for the code to have unlimited time between checkpoints, it should hopefully not randomly cause crashes whenever the game loads data.
    + Added 1 code to make turret health not decrease for the 1st level I encountered that needed me to go into the turret to shoot metal head eggs or whatever on buildings and walls.
    + Added 1 code to make the turret never overheat. It's not something you really need, all overheating does is decrease your firing rate to half, and the code prevents that.
    + Added 1 code for a points multiplier for the weapon target practice challenges. A value like 03E8 will give you gold very fast.
    + Added 1 code for the weapon target practice challenges points to always be a positive number. With this, you can now shoot pedestrians or other non-metal head enemies and they will increase your score instead of decrease your score.
    + Added 1 code for ally health to never decrease. Tested on the dude with that lightning orb gun thing, and on that lady Torn sends you to rescue a few missions later.
    I have mostly gotten the code to go through vehicles working, except I keep ending up with it somewhere breaking and always preventing you from either entering vehicles, crashing, or being unable to shoot other vehicles which is annoying. I've been dragging on it when I should have had it fully working by now.

    There was a line of code that prevented the HUD for the turret from shaking. I forgot where it was, and it didn't seem to matter much.

    Can't seem to find a timer for the 1st hoverboard stunt score challenge timer, I'm not sure how I kept missing it.

    EDIT 5-13-2018 10:03 AM:
    + Added the code back in to toggle driving through vehicles without colliding with them. I had an extra test with the green part comparing 0x44(r28) to 349DB721 that allow me to shoot vehicles again if it wasn't a match, but then I was back to colliding with them again so I'm too lazy to continue trying to fix that tiny problem.

    EDIT 5-18-2018 7:21 PM:
    + Added 1 code to cause the boss Baron Praxis helicopter's ammo to fully deplete from firing a single shot at you.
    + Added 1 code to cause his ammo to also be reduced to zero from trying to refill his ammo. Normally the helicopter shoots at you a lot and his ammo meter decreases. Once his ammo meter fully depletes, he flies over to whatever thing and fully refills his ammo. With this, you'll see the meter fully refill, but once it is done it is set back to 0 ammo causing him to constantly go back for a refill making him an easy target.
    + Added 1 code to reduce the helicopter's health to 0 from any damage. For whatever reason, some times it didn't work if I attacked right away from reloading the area, but otherwise it worked by the 2nd shot. His health is divided into 3 separate bars, each with the value 10. The 1st and 2nd bars are covered by the 1st line of code causing them to be set to 0 from damage. The 3rd bar is weird because it is also 10, but instead subtracts 2 instead of 1 from each time you hit him, but the 2nd line covers that by also making it set the 3rd bar to 0 from any damage.
    These 3 codes might work for other various things with other bosses too, I haven't gotten far enough to test.

    The line I replaced for minigames like finding a hidden egg within a certain time limit might still cause crashes to the game, but it's a lot less crashes than before, and because it's unpredictable I'm not even sure if it is that code causing my random crashes every every few area loads, but it seems to happen in the same loading areas so it's likely the same part of the code causing the problem.

    EDIT 5-30-2018 9:18 PM:
    - Removed the old code to go through other vehicles. I thought I did that before, I guess I didn't though. Now only the most updated version remains.
    ! Changed the code for officers to never see you. The previous line caused the game to crash when I got to the escort mission with the kid. The current version hasn't crashed yet.
    + Updated the code for turret health by adding 1 line for when a ship shoots you which was still decreasing your turret's health.
    + Added 2 codes for Dark Eco. 1 for full on gain, the other for full on use.
    + Added 1 code for unlimited turbo while doing races.
    + Added 1 code to always start on the last lap of a race, so races should be easy to win.
    + Added 1 code for the Onin game so that when you miss a button, it saves zero misses.
    + Added 1 code for the Onin game to win it by getting 1 correct button instead of needing to get 400 correct buttons.
    These are things I haven't done anything with yet:

    Yellow Gems Multiplier
    0 003F63F8 EC00082A // f1 is the new amount gained.

    003F6614 92BB0404 r21 when it is not zero is 3F800000.
    0 003F6654 EC00082A // Displayed in secrets and affects 0x94 which has the bits that allow you to access things in the secrets menu.
    0 003F6688 EC00082A // Displayed on screen while playing when you pick up an egg or press L3.

    Can Access All Secrets
    0 0078C188 60000000 // 41820008

    EDIT 5-31-2018 10:55 AM:
    + Added 1 code for that spider drill thing in the tomb when dealing with baron praxis. His health is 3 different bars, and each hit will fully deplete from 1 hit.
    + Added code for the eco mine mission where you will blow up if you don't use all of the bombs within a certain time limit. The time still decreases, but you won't blow up and die when it reaches 0 so you have unlimited time.
    I found a solution for the timer during the "Win Jet-Board Stadium Challenge" mission. I need to set it to toggle with a button though because the timer needs to decrease to 0 for you to either win or lose the mission depending on how many points you have.

    0 0075B9D0 41800008 // default value
    0 0075B9D0 48000008 // time still decreases, but you can go forever in the challenge
    0 0075B9D0 60000000 // instantly run out of time

    I've also tested the code for ally health a little more. It worked fine for the baron's daughter. It also works fine in transport missions where I need to rescue and/or transport others around the city, no amount of running them over could kill them.

    EDIT 6-1-2018 11:07 AM:
    ! Changed the code to start on the last lap for races to instead just finish a race from 1 lap. I don't know why it didn't work the way it was, I gave it a value of 1 less than the last lap, the last lap, and 1 greater than the last lap with no effect so I must have did a memory change and forgot and assumed it worked. Tried the new one and it worked.
    + Added 1 code for the Titan Suit's health to fully refill back to 100 from any damage.
    Tested the code for any vehicle that Jak isn't in to explode from damage while in races. If opponents touch each other or hit a pedestrian or touch a wall or anything, they explode. It's nearly impossible for opponents to not hit something before the end. Also did it with that mission with the checkpoints, and the opponent bumped into a pedestrian and exploded. It's hard to lose with that.

    Also had another escort mission with 3 guys with bombs to blow up a statue in the sewers, and the code for ally health to never decrease worked for them too.

    EDIT 6-6-2018 4:31 PM:
    ! Rewrote all codes involving button combos to use different buttons. At 1st I didn't know L2 changed me into Dark Jak making it annoying, so I switched to R2. Then I learned R2 takes out the Jet-Board which was also annoying, so I switch it to L1. L1 is annoying for the jumping in air code, but I'll live.
    ! Rewrote all codes with subroutines to be at different locations in memory to hopefully not share any places causing crashes and conflicts.
    ! Added OGP/COP for everything now.
    + Added 9 codes to have abilities or items. You can now start with the weapon damage upgrade, Scatter Gun rate of fire upgrade, ammo capacity upgrade, can become dark jak, do dark blast, do dark bomb, have dark jak invincibility, can do dark giant, and either make Daxter appear or disappear.
    ! Rewrote 3 codes for vehicles. The ones for jak's vehicle to fully refill health or be invincible from non-collision damage, or non-jak vehicles to be instantly destroyed. They maybe would have already worked fine across any version of the game, but they relied on a specific address in the code. Just in case that address changed in one of them, this should hopefully keep them working on other versions.
    ! Fixed the part of code to keep the Precursor Orbs from disappearing during underground missions that required you to find them within a certain amount of time. It should now work perfect and not require you to lose once to make some weird frozen copy of the egg in place that stays there permanently.
    + Added button combo to allow you to complete the jet-board stadium challenge even though you really don't need it with that score multiplier since there is a max score limit.
    ! Separated the line of code to the subroutine that allows you to go through damaged vehicles at the cost of being unable to shoot them.
    ! Added 1 more line of code for Samos in the code for ally's health to never decrease, and renamed the code. I guess the code really only affects allies where it shows their health bar too, I realized the other things I thought were allies couldn't be killed anyway.
    + Added a mutliplier for metal head skull gems gained even though you don't need it since you can just use the codes to have the Dark Jak abilities without getting the gems.
    + Added a multiplier for the Precursor Orbs gained. You'll have an incorrect amount, but can easily unlock everything in the secrets menu with it.
    + Added a code to allow you to access a few more things in the Secrets menu without needing to complete the game 1st.

    EDIT 6-6-2018 8:50 PM:
    + Added 1 more line to the ally health code for the mission where both Samoses move that balloon or whatever around.
    + Found 1 more timer to prevent from counting down.
    + Added 1 code for the Titan Suit's oxygen to never decrease.
    + Added 2 codes for the Metal Head Mash game.
    +Added 1 code to fully deplete Metal Kor's health with any damage.
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      I think I'm finally done with this game. There's only 2 things I never really bothered finding, and 1 code I didn't bother to try fully fixing. There was an 8 second countdown on 1 very early level, but I don't care. I couldn't find anything to make everything appear in the Secrets menu, those scrapbook things or whatever are still question marks, but that's not worth worrying about. I also never fully perfected the code to drive through other vehicles without colliding. I can't think of anything else left in the game that anybody would ever want, and I didn't bother with the debug menu.
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