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    I have BLUS31045 v01.01 av01.00. I've done barely any testing on these codes. All I did was see if I could be grabbed, melee attacked, or shot with weapons for invincibility and things went through me with no effect while the bullets going through me hit the enemies next to me. I was still able to kill enemies like normal so that's a good sign. If anybody finds them not working somewhere, let me know because I don't know if I'll ever get into the game enough to actually play it or test things thoroughly. I couldn't imagine I'd have any idea of how to improve the camera system. If there's something missing for the game that nobody has ever found, request it in the requests section and I'll see what I can do.

    0 0062ED18 4E800020
    SET OGP=F821FD617C0802A6F80102B0DBC10290DBE10298380101D07F8001CE30000010
    SET COP=4E8000207C0802A6F80102B0DBC10290DBE10298380101D07F8001CE30000010

    Damage Fully Refills Health
    0 0063F3A0 80830844
    SET OGP=80A308404800000880A308403CC001C37C84281030A630507C8707B43900000190830840
    SET COP=80A308404800000880A308403CC001C38083084430A630507C8707B43900000190830840
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    Thank you so much bungholio for this!!! With this the game is more fun and playable ^^

    As I was replying to your comment in the eboot memory code requests, I had no idea you already had found invincibility for this game. I am currently testing the invincibility for this game.

    ***I will say however that I had to port the invincibility cheat to V1.04 because simply because I searched for the V1.01 eboot/pkg but couldn't seem to find it. It was worth updating it because It didn't cause any conflicts in the game***

    Playing this game from start to finish. So far no errors or any glitches have occurred throughout the main story of the game but will keep this post updated.

    Edit 1-22-18

    Okay after playing this game from start to finish, there was only 1 time in the entire game that the invicibility didn't work. That was at Chapter R-04 at the part where you're running up the glass building right after using the sliders to get there.

    All attack went right through me including rockets, bullets even the enemy couldn't grab me. Naturally with invincibility, and since this a game where you have to parry enemies, it's more convenient to just keep spamming Square or Triangle until the enemies are stunned and you go for an execution move on them.

    There was only 1 part where you're supposed to get hit, mainly at Chapter R-00 during the fight with Jetstream Sam on the moving train in the tunnels. I had to turn off the invincibility cheat in order to trigger the next cutscene because you're supposed to get hit.
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