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    I have BLUS30855 v01.00 av01.00. The new exploit is out for OFW 4.82. Grabbed a fat PS3 at a used game store on Black Friday for less than $50 and got it onto rebug 4.81 dex again so I can do stuff again. This is the 1st thing I found at the moment. It's in Artemis/NetCheat .ncl file format.

    Unlock Ada's Campaign And Save It
    0 01404550 80A400AC
    0 01404554 60A50004
    0 01404558 90A400AC
    0 0140455C 38A04500
    0 01404560 48C805CE
    0 00C805C8 49404552
    B 00010000 04000000
    B 01704F240000000000000000000000000000000000000000 01704F2480A400AC60A5000490A400AC38A0450048C805CE
    B 00010000 04000000
    B 3083450478A300207884002038A04500 3083450478A300207884002049404552
    Trigger the code by
    entering and exiting the
    campaign menu, and then
    go into options and
    change the subtitle
    options or something else
    to make it save so you
    don't need the code on to
    keep it unlocked.

    You can take the save
    from a CFW console,
    change the user ID, and
    transfer that save to that
    user's OFW console and
    still have Ada's campaign

    Unlock All Chapters And Infinite Skills
    0 01440830 38800001
    0 01440834 90830000
    0 01440838 80630000
    0 0144083C 48C818B6
    0 00C818B0 49440832
    Just enter a chapter menu, exit, trigger a save, and then they should all be permanently saved with zero second completion times. As a side bonus, the infinite ammo skills require you to beat entire campaigns, so this also unlocks them too.

    I intend to mess with this more to see if I can easily unlock mercenaries mode/costumes/weapons/skills/whatever else too and actually fully test my codes this time around since invincibility had a few game breaking hiccups, and I want to separate the movement speed code and attach it to a button so it doesn't keep breaking gameplay scenes and whatever else.
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    July 7, 2019

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    Welcome back master. I'm very glad you're hacking again.


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      Can anyone help, im trying to source codes for the EU version either 1.0 or 1.6 to be used with CCCheater.

      Or even an eboot with do with Infinite Health, Ammo and Max Special Points.



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        You could use PS3EMPM, CMP Auto Tools, scetoolgui, trueancestor, ESSSR Resigner, all kinds of things to decrypt your EBOOT BIN to a EBOOT.ELF. Once that's done, add your codes and use them again to change it back from EBOOT.ELF to EBOOT.BIN.
        July 7, 2019


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          bungholio please give ogp cop for one code only auto button masher since ps3 online server is dead please ....


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            I forgot. BLUS30855 v01.01 av01.06

            Action Bar Timer Thing Doesn't Decrease
            SET OGP=609D000060BF000080636090C0630078807E007CEC2110FAFC01F800D03E003C
            SET COP=609D000060BF000080636090C0630078807E007CEC2110FAFC01F80060000000
            SET OGP=386388F4C3E30004C024006CEFBF08243C600198C03E003C80636090C0430078EFBD00B2EC21E82AFC01F800D03E003C
            SET COP=386388F4C3E30004C024006CEFBF08243C600198C03E003C80636090C0430078EFBD00B2EC21E82AFC01F80060000000
            SET OGP=38638E00C3E30004C024006CEFBF08243C600198C03E003C80636090C0430078EFBD00B2EC21E82AFC01F800D03E003C
            SET COP=38638E00C3E30004C024006CEFBF08243C600198C03E003C80636090C0430078EFBD00B2EC21E82AFC01F80060000000
            There's an extra line in here. I don't know what it does, but I doubt it hurts anything.

            Action Bar Meter Instantly Full From Any Joystick Movement
            SET OGP=4182000CEC21282A
            SET COP=4182000CC03E002C
            SET OGP=EC6300B2EC21182A
            SET COP=EC6300B2C03E002C

            Automatically Execute Counters
            SET OGP=7C831838889D0008
            SET COP=7C83183849470EBE
            SET OGP=000000000000000000000000000000002C0000010009000B0000000000000000
            SET COP=2F9E0200409E0014386002004800000C2C0000010009000B889D0008480D7DCE

            Automatically Dodge Crate On Plane While Climbing
            SET OGP=63A500004BFFEBD1
            SET COP=63A5000038600001

            Automatically Complete Grab Button Mashers
            SET OGP=38C000004BFFE875
            SET COP=38C0000038600001

            Automatically Complete Button Mashers
            SET OGP=38C000004BFFE6F1
            SET COP=38C0000038600001

            Automatically Complete Grab Joystick Movers
            SET OGP=38C000004BFFE32D
            SET COP=38C0000038600001

            Automatically Turn Cranks
            SET OGP=38C000004BFFE0E9
            SET COP=38C0000038600001

            Automatically Avoided Train, Ducked While In Cart, Some Attack On Deborah
            SET OGP=38C000004BFFDBD9
            SET COP=38C0000038600001

            Automatically Do Rotating Wheel Timed Button Pressed
            SET OGP=38C000004BFFD7E1
            SET COP=38C0000038600001

            Automatically Complete Grab Timed Button Presses Perfectly
            SET OGP=408200D8807E000CC03E003CD0230068807E000C808300242C04000C2C84001340820084C03E003CC05E0040FC0110004CC1138241860008
            SET COP=38600001807E000CC03E003CD0230068807E000C808300242C04000C2C84001340820084C03E003CC05E0040FC0110004CC1138248000008
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            July 7, 2019



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              bungholio Thank you very much bro ....for ogp and cop are nice bro....will you please post code of infinite herb, ammo,stamina code....and the last of us infinite med kits please
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