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    I have BCUS98176 Version 01.00 App Version 01.00. These should work fine with BCES01118 too, I no longer have the elf file but I have the files merged so they must have been identical. I'm stuck on a new crappy computer that makes the code finding process agonizing, not sure if I'll be doing this much longer with constantly having to change the TV input between computer and PS3 while if refuses to connect if I'm also connected to the internet. I can't figure out why my game randomly crashes so I'm redoing a few codes too.

    0 00181BA0 4E800020
    It's better than the health code because now you no longer get blood on the screen nor do enemy attacks cause you to flinch so it's easier for you to shoot and see.
    If anybody needs it I found a static path to player health that is this:
    At F0 and F4 there is also 42C80000 which is the float for 100.000 so one of them is likely max health, but I haven't found a use for that pointer path yet.

    Hold X To Fly
    0 00C9E840 3D000199
    0 00C9E844 893C0351
    0 00C9E848 9928F000
    0 00C9E84C 893C0353
    0 00C9E850 9928F001
    0 00C9E854 A128F000
    0 00C9E858 712A0040
    0 00C9E85C B148F002
    0 00C9E860 78A80020
    0 00C9E864 487E040E
    0 00C9E868 3C600199
    0 00C9E86C 93E3F004
    0 00C9E870 C3DF00F4
    0 00C9E874 48162102
    0 00C9E878 D0830004
    0 00C9E87C 3C800199
    0 00C9E880 A0C4F002
    0 00C9E884 2B860040
    0 00C9E888 409E0010
    0 00C9E88C 80C4F004
    0 00C9E890 38C600F0
    0 00C9E894 7F833040
    0 00C9E898 409E000C
    0 00C9E89C 3CC04080
    0 00C9E8A0 90C30004
    0 00C9E8A4 487C4F5E
    0 007E0408 48C9E842
    0 001620FC 48C9E86A
    0 007C4F58 48C9E87A

    Rapid Fire Primary
    0 0056B3B0 60000000
    I was wrong at first, the Atomizer works fine with this.
    This doesn't require the code for the weapon list to be on to work, so this will also affect enemies and other things.

    Rapid Fire Secondary V1
    0 007EEDE0 EC210828
    This doesn't require the code for the weapon list to be on to work, so this will also affect enemies and other things.

    Rapid Fire Secondary V2
    0 00C9E8BC EC211028
    0 00C9E8C0 3C603000
    0 00C9E8C4 7F9F1840
    0 00C9E8C8 419C0024
    0 00C9E8CC 807F0004
    0 00C9E8D0 2B830A19
    0 00C9E8D4 419E0008
    0 00C9E8D8 2B830A1B
    0 00C9E8DC 419E000C
    0 00C9E8E0 2B830A1D
    0 00C9E8E4 409E0008
    0 00C9E8E8 EC210828
    0 00C9E8EC 487EEDE6
    0 007EEDE0 48C9E8BE
    This doesn't require the code for the weapon list to be on to work, so this will also affect enemies and other things.
    It has a lazy check for the Atomizer, Auger, and Deadeye but it doesn't work too well.

    Weapon Address Dumper
    0 00C9E950 3F600198
    0 00C9E954 637BF010
    0 00C9E958 1C7E0004
    0 00C9E95C 7FBB192E
    0 00C9E960 A09D01B8
    0 00C9E964 4816135E
    0 00161358 48C9E952
    This needs to be on 1st before the below 2 codes for rapid fire otherwise you'll crash your game with secondary fire and primary fire just won't work.
    This dumps their addresses at 0198F010 to 0198F040.

    Rapid Fire Primary With Weapon Table
    0 00C9E8A8 3B40000C
    0 00C9E8AC 7F4903A6
    0 00C9E8B0 3F400198
    0 00C9E8B4 635AF010
    0 00C9E8B8 80BA0000
    0 00C9E8BC 7F9F2840
    0 00C9E8C0 419E0010
    0 00C9E8C4 3B5A0004
    0 00C9E8C8 4200FFF0
    0 00C9E8CC FC22186E
    0 00C9E8D0 4856B3B6
    0 0056B3B0 48C9E8AA
    Requires the code that dumps the weapon addresses to be turned on 1st, or else this won't work but it won't crash your game o anything.
    This is specifically useful if you want rapid fire to only work for your weapons and not for enemies or turrets or other things like that.

    Rapid Fire Secondary With Weapon Table
    0 00C9E8D4 EC211028
    0 00C9E8D8 3860000C
    0 00C9E8DC 7C6903A6
    0 00C9E8E0 3C600198
    0 00C9E8E4 6063F010
    0 00C9E8E8 80A30000
    0 00C9E8EC 7F9F2840
    0 00C9E8F0 419E0010
    0 00C9E8F4 38630004
    0 00C9E8F8 4200FFF0
    0 00C9E8FC 4800002C
    0 00C9E900 80A50004
    0 00C9E904 2B850A19
    0 00C9E908 419E0008
    0 00C9E90C 2B850A1A
    0 00C9E910 419E0008
    0 00C9E914 2B850A1B
    0 00C9E918 419E0008
    0 00C9E91C 2B850A1D
    0 00C9E920 419E0008
    0 00C9E924 EC210828
    0 00C9E928 487EEDE6
    0 007EEDE0 48C9E8D6
    Requires the code that dumps the weapon addresses to be turned on 1st, or else this will crash your game.
    This excludes the Atomizer, Auger, Deadeye, and Marksman so they will function correctly.
    It only works for your weapons and not for enemies or other things.

    Can Use All Grenade Types
    0 0015E06C 38E00005
    0 0015E070 7CE9E9AE
    0 0015E074 480000C8
    This completes the collection now since before I could only find the weapons and not the grenades.
    Turn this on with the code for grenades to never decrease and you'll have unlimited of all 5 at the start of the game.
    There also seems to be a 5th grenade type but it never displays an icon. It's on the far left and when you throw the grenade it has multiple grenade effects or whatever. I didn't use grenades much.

    Weapon Experience Gained Multiplier
    0 00C9E968 80610204
    0 00C9E96C 3CE00042
    0 00C9E970 60E781A0
    0 00C9E974 7F871840
    0 00C9E978 409E0008
    0 00C9E97C 1CC6????
    0 00C9E980 7C662814
    0 00C9E984 48424C1E
    0 00424C18 48C9E96A
    A value like 03E8 will allow you to fully upgrade a weapon from killing 1 enemy.

    Ally Health Never Decreases
    0 00C9E988 3F800199
    0 00C9E98C 907CF008
    0 00C9E990 FFE00890
    0 00C9E994 4867F506
    0 00C9E998 3C800199
    0 00C9E99C 8084F008
    0 00C9E9A0 7F841840
    0 00C9E9A4 409E0008
    0 00C9E9A8 C02300F4
    0 00C9E9AC D02300F8
    0 00C9E9B0 48641B16
    0 0067F500 48C9E98A
    0 00641B10 48C9E99A
    I've only tested this on Charlie Rose or whoever the guy is that is in that barn looking building with an elevator and a bunch of feral grays, I haven't tried it on other allies and it doesn't seem to affect enemies yet either so far.

    Have Game Beaten
    0 001BBD78 38600001
    0 0036A6AC 38600001
    This is needed to purchase items in the Shop or activate cheats while playing, otherwise the game will tell you to beat the game once 1st to be able to do things. I don't know if it saves but if it doesn't, odds are if you set a breakpoint 1 line before both of these addresses, one of the registers will have the address for the thing that tells the game whether you've already beaten it once or not. For me the memory address was 011CF87D with a value of 00 before you beat the game and 01 after you've beaten the game.

    Have All Shop Items Purchased
    0 004382E0 7FC42378
    0 004383A8 7C632378
    Make sure to activate the code to make the game think you've beaten it or else you won't be able to turn on cheats while playing.
    This will also get you the stuff that you'd normally need to log into RESISTANCE.NET or whatever to unlock.
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    Artemis Database December 4, 2017


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    Updated the rapid fire codes to work a little differently. You now have a few choices on how you want rapid fire to work.
    Also added a code to give you all grenade types from the beginning of the game.
    Used the health code to find invincibility and added that too.
    Found a weapon experience multiplier.
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    Artemis Database December 4, 2017



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      I'm done with the game. If anybody needs something that's missing, ask in the requests section. As far as I can tell, there's nothing left to make for codes.
      Artemis Database December 4, 2017