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  • Infamous

    I have BCUS98119 Version 02.00 App Version 01.00. Just quickly re-doing this game since now I've learned far more than I knew when I started, and this was either the 1st or 2nd game I ever started modifying back when there was almost nothing for tools on the PS3. I now have it from the Infamous Collection that comes with Infamous 2 and the DLC, but the old codes I had seem to work fine so Version 01.00 or whatever should be fine. I've found more than I had before.

    EDIT 1-12-18:

    Sam100 pointed out to me that the code to fly wasn't working, and I thank you for it because I hate releasing buggy broken codes. I investigated and found out 2 major problems, 1 I should have noticed before and the other I've never encountered before.

    Problem 1 I should have spotted by modifying the eboot, but I guess I must have forgotten the final test, is that the button enable code was writing to 0x00C4F000 for buttons but that area of memory wasn't prepared for use by the time the code 1st activated, so it was an instant crash. I instead used 0x00B0F000 which is ready by that time and works fine. I changed where things were saved and fixed that.

    Problem 2 I've never encountered before because I've never thought about it. The area where I put my entire routine for the button enable code that I thought was just a safe place full of zeroes for me to use was not safe. Upon starting the game without the game data installed on the PS3 yet, it would freeze near 30%. It might have even froze if it was installed too, I've already forgotten. Either way, I moved the entire subroutine higher in memory in another place full of zeroes, and it seems fine from the little bit of testing.

    With every code in this list added to the eboot and starting a completely fresh game without the game data installed, it was mostly fine. There were just 2 bugs I encountered by the time I completed mission 1 of getting food for people.

    It froze once at the end of the beginning once Zeke calls to you and you're by the cops and people lying on the ground, the scripted explosion kept changing my karma levels and the game froze. I tried again except I healed 2 people on the ground before triggering the scene, that way the "Your karma level changed" message didn't keep interrupting the scene. I couldn't reproduce the bug twice, I'm kind of guessing on the cause.

    The other wasn't a game freeze, but a Cole freeze. At the end of the 1st mission where you get food for people and kill the Reapers, there's a part where the screen becomes yellow and you hold Triangle to focus somewhere. The yellow never wore off, and I couldn't move or anything. I fixed it by quitting and reloading the game. I'd guess maybe the AI movement code was accidentally triggered and causing it since I remember that messes with Cole's behavior during scenes and scripts, but I'm guessing again.

    Things should be playable.
    The button enable code and the 4 codes below it that rely on those buttons have all been changed, so if you were having problems with the old codes, these should fix the problems.

    0 00127E30 4E800020
    SET OGP=7C0803A6EBC10090EBE10098382100A04BFFF484F821FE417C0802A6FBE101B0787F0020DBE101B8FB410188
    SET COP=7C0803A6EBC10090EBE10098382100A04BFFF4844E8000207C0802A6FBE101B0787F0020DBE101B8FB410188

    Health Never Decreases
    0 00564ED0 800100F4
    0 00564ED4 3D600012
    0 00564ED8 616B808C
    0 00564EDC 48000020
    0 00564EFC 7F8B0040
    0 00564F00 409E0008
    0 00564F04 C3FD0750
    0 00564F08 482AEDB6
    0 002AEDB0 48564ED2
    SET OGP=000000000000000000000000000000002C00000100090003000000000000000000564AFC00564C200075FBC000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=800100F43D600012616B808C480000202C00000100090003000000000000000000564AFC00564C200075FBC07F8B0040409E0008C3FD0750482AEDB6
    SET OGP=60000000D3FD07545463063E2F830000419E01203BA00000FF9DF000409C00E4
    SET COP=48564ED2D3FD07545463063E2F830000419E01203BA00000FF9DF000409C00E4

    Electricity Never Decreases
    0 00124598 D1840008
    SET OGP=C0040008EC01002AC1840004FF806800ED606028419C0008FDAB032ED1A40008
    SET COP=C0040008EC01002AC1840004FF806800ED606028419C0008FDAB032ED1840008

    XP Gained Multiplier
    0 00162540 1FBD????
    SET OGP=600000007FA4EB787E83A3784BFFF15D3819FFE02B800001409D03443BA10084
    SET COP=1FBD27107FA4EB787E83A3784BFFF15D3819FFE02B800001409D03443BA10084

    All Karma Gained Is Good
    0 00162F74 FDA00A10
    SET OGP=F821FF217C0802A6FB0100A0FDA00890F80100F07C781B7880630080FB2100A8
    SET COP=F821FF217C0802A6FB0100A0FDA00A10F80100F07C781B7880630080FB2100A8

    All Karma Gained Is Evil
    0 00162F74 FDA00910
    SET OGP=F821FF217C0802A6FB0100A0FDA00890F80100F07C781B7880630080FB2100A8
    SET COP=F821FF217C0802A6FB0100A0FDA00910F80100F07C781B7880630080FB2100A8

    Karma Gained Multiplier
    0 00564F28 3C60????
    0 00564F2C 9061FFFC
    0 00564F30 C021FFFC
    0 00564F34 48000020
    0 00564F54 EDAD0072
    0 00564F58 FC206890
    0 00564F5C 4816321A
    0 00163214 48564F2A
    SET OGP=000000000000000000000000000000002C00000100090013000000000000000000564B1C00564C6C0075FD08000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=3C60447A9061FFFCC021FFFC480000202C00000100090013000000000000000000564B1C00564C6C0075FD08EDAD0072FC2068904816321A
    SET OGP=419CFE307D5B53784BFFFE30FC206890807E800C7FE507B44BFAA4F960000000
    SET COP=419CFE307D5B53784BFFFE3048564F2A807E800C7FE507B44BFAA4F960000000
    Use a float value of your choice, the game has a limit of either +800 or -800 karma that is limited when you start the game but the limit increases as you do missions.

    Karma Limit Modifier
    0 00564F80 3D204448
    0 00564F84 9121FFFC
    0 00564F88 C3E1FFFC
    0 00564F8C 482D5CEE
    0 002D5CE8 48564F82
    SET OGP=0075FD5400000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=0075FD543D2044489121FFFCC3E1FFFC482D5CEE
    SET OGP=2F89FFFF409EFFA0930B00004BFFFF98C01E8080FF9F0000409CFA2CC3FD0008
    SET COP=2F89FFFF409EFFA0930B00004BFFFF98C01E8080FF9F0000409CFA2C48564F82
    The game enforces a limit that various main game missions will increase, you can use this to just force that max possible limit of 800 that allows you to use Karmic Overload.

    Karmic Overdrive Never Modifies Karma
    0 00134E88 EC210828
    SET OGP=409D0018FC3F686E807E8050EC21F828
    SET COP=409D0018FC3F686E807E8050EC210828

    Have All Powers
    0 00108744 7C832214
    0 00108748 80640004
    0 0010874C 60630001
    0 00108750 90640004
    0 00108754 4E800020
    0 001247EC 7C632B78
    0 001247F0 90640004
    0 001247F4 4E800020
    0 002D5D04 60000000
    SET OGP=7C63221480630004786307E04E80002060000000
    SET COP=7C8322148064000460630001906400044E800020
    SET OGP=7C840214806400047C6307B44E80002060000000
    SET COP=7C840214806400047C632B78906400044E800020
    SET OGP=79290020800900005400003C90090000
    SET COP=79290020800900005400003C60000000
    The 1st 5 lines give you various things by doing whatever random actions.
    The next 3 lines are triggered by entering the powers menu and will unlock everything in there.
    The last line prevents the game from constantly taking everything away again from various actions like starting missions or whatever things cause it.

    Can Use All Powers
    0 001255B0 7C63EB78
    SET OGP=FBA100787CBD2B78F80100A04BFFFF157C63E838EBA100787C60FE707C031A78
    SET COP=FBA100787CBD2B78F80100A04BFFFF157C63EB78EBA100787C60FE707C031A78
    You can use both good and evil at the same time for anything you have unlocked.
    A simple example is Shock Grenades.
    I can't remember everything they do, but if you are good they become sticky grenades and probably do some other things, and if you are evil they split in clusters of more grenades depending on how many you have unlocked.
    If you have Shock Grenades fully upgraded for good and evil, the grenades thrown will stick to enemies like good karma allows but will split into many cluster grenades on impact just like evil karma allows.

    Electricity Color Modifier
    0 00219EA0 3860000?
    SET OGP=60000000394000012F830002419D000C817F00144BFFFF8C817F001439400000
    SET COP=38600000394000012F830002419D000C817F00144BFFFF8C817F001439400000
    0 = Evil
    3 = Good
    I noticed that if it's set to look like good electricity then cluster grenades and rockets don't visibly appear but they physically do what they are supposed to.

    Have Both Electrical Effects Active At The Same Time
    0 00219E64 38600001
    SET OGP=54000FFE7C0052785403063EE80100907C6307B4EBE10070382100807C0803A64E800020
    SET COP=54000FFE7C0052785403063EE801009038600001EBE10070382100807C0803A64E800020
    It's only a visual effect.
    If you want to be able to see cluster grenades and mini rockets with good karma, or you just want to see a bunch of blue and red elctricity for many things at the same time, this will do it.

    Hand And Electric Impact Color Modifiers
    0 00219F00 3860000?
    SET OGP=600000007C691B78801E802C5523103AEBC100707C630214E801009038210080786300207C0803A64E800020
    SET COP=386000007C691B78801E802C5523103AEBC100707C630214E801009038210080786300207C0803A64E800020
    0 = Red
    3 = Blue
    It's just the color of electricity around your hand but not your entire arm, and the color of electricity that appears from impact when you shoot at things.

    Cole Karma Appearance Modifier
    0 00126E68 3860000?
    SET OGP=380000032F83000078630020419E000C4BFFE629
    SET COP=380000032F83000078630020419E000C38600000
    0 = Evil
    3 = Good
    It's a barely noticeable visual thing where Cole is a more pale color if he is evil.

    Electric Bar And Crosshair Color Modifier
    0 001273DC 3860000?
    SET OGP=4BFFE0B57C691B785529103A7FA3EB787D2907B47D29FA1488090138981D000089690139
    SET COP=386000007C691B785529103A7FA3EB787D2907B47D29FA1488090138981D000089690139
    0 = Evil
    3 = Good
    7 = Neutral and no crosshair

    Enemies Never Shoot
    0 002DAE8C 48000008
    SET OGP=800302AC2F800000780B0020419E0020800B02AC394000012F800000409D0010800B02B02F800000409D0008
    SET COP=800302AC2F800000780B0020419E0020800B02AC394000012F800000409D0010800B02B02F80000048000008
    They might still throw grenades, but this exact branch has to do with them figuring out whether they need to reload their weapons or not and it kind of tells them they need to reload but they never reload so they never shoot.

    Disable Enemy AI
    0 002DAEB8 4E800020
    SET OGP=F821FF817C0802A6FBE100707C7F1B78F8010090392000017C6B1B7838600001801F02902F80FFFF7D290030419E0014
    SET COP=4E8000207C0802A6FBE100707C7F1B78F8010090392000017C6B1B7838600001801F02902F80FFFF7D290030419E0014
    Enemies will not move or do anything at all, they just turn to face you but can still be killed.
    If they are in turrets they will still attack.
    While testing this a little my game froze at some point, but I was also testing other various things at the same time that might have caused it, I couldn't seem to reproduce the crash so I think it's safe.

    Button Enable Code
    0 0070F020 3FE000B1
    0 0070F024 907FF000
    0 0070F028 4828C47A
    0 0070F02C 3F8000B1
    0 0070F030 70050220
    0 0070F034 B0BCF004
    0 0070F038 A0FCF006
    0 0070F03C 70050300
    0 0070F040 B0BCF006
    0 0070F044 2B850300
    0 0070F048 409E0018
    0 0070F04C 7F872840
    0 0070F050 419E0010
    0 0070F054 88BCF00E
    0 0070F058 68A50001
    0 0070F05C 98BCF00E
    0 0070F060 A0FCF008
    0 0070F064 70054200
    0 0070F068 B0BCF008
    0 0070F06C 2B854200
    0 0070F070 409E0018
    0 0070F074 7F872840
    0 0070F078 419E0010
    0 0070F07C 88BCF00E
    0 0070F080 68A50002
    0 0070F084 98BCF00E
    0 0070F088 70052000
    0 0070F08C B0BCF00A
    0 0070F090 70056000
    0 0070F094 2B856000
    0 0070F098 409E0020
    0 0070F09C 3C9C0010
    0 0070F0A0 38A00008
    0 0070F0A4 7CA903A6
    0 0070F0A8 38A00000
    0 0070F0AC F8BCF000
    0 0070F0B0 3B9C0008
    0 0070F0B4 4200FFF8
    0 0070F0B8 38E00000
    0 0070F0BC 481532F6
    0 0070F0C0 7C1D01CE
    0 0070F0C4 3D2000B1
    0 0070F0C8 A009F004
    0 0070F0CC 2B800220
    0 0070F0D0 409E0018
    0 0070F0D4 8009F000
    0 0070F0D8 7F840040
    0 0070F0DC 409E000C
    0 0070F0E0 3C004480
    0 0070F0E4 901D0018
    0 0070F0E8 48350FDE
    0 0070F0EC 38600000
    0 0070F0F0 3C8000B1
    0 0070F0F4 8884F00E
    0 0070F0F8 70840001
    0 0070F0FC 2B840000
    0 0070F100 419E0008
    0 0070F104 38600006
    0 0070F108 48125562
    0 0070F10C 3C6000B1
    0 0070F110 8863F00E
    0 0070F114 70630001
    0 0070F118 2B830000
    0 0070F11C FC200910
    0 0070F120 419E0008
    0 0070F124 FC200A10
    0 0070F128 4E800020
    0 0070F12C 3C003F80
    0 0070F130 3D6000B1
    0 0070F134 896BF00E
    0 0070F138 716B0002
    0 0070F13C 2B8B0000
    0 0070F140 419E0008
    0 0070F144 3C000000
    0 0070F148 4817EAB6
    0 0070F14C 911F0010
    0 0070F150 3D4000B1
    0 0070F154 A06AF00A
    0 0070F158 2B832000
    0 0070F15C 409E002C
    0 0070F160 392A0010
    0 0070F164 38600010
    0 0070F168 7C6903A6
    0 0070F16C 8069F000
    0 0070F170 2B830000
    0 0070F174 409E000C
    0 0070F178 93E9F000
    0 0070F17C 4800000C
    0 0070F180 39290004
    0 0070F184 4200FFE8
    0 0070F188 394A0010
    0 0070F18C 38600010
    0 0070F190 7C6903A6
    0 0070F194 39200000
    0 0070F198 806AF000
    0 0070F19C 7F9F1840
    0 0070F1A0 409E0008
    0 0070F1A4 913F0010
    0 0070F1A8 394A0004
    0 0070F1AC 4200FFEC
    0 0070F1A0 4806962A
    0 0028C474 4870F022
    0 001532F0 4870F02E
    SET OGP=FFFFFFFD0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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
    SET OGP=600000003BE000002F8300003B600000
    SET COP=4870F0223BE000002F8300003B600000
    SET OGP=3B6000012F800017419D000C3B600000600000003BBF00B08018001C38E00000
    SET COP=3B6000012F800017419D000C3B600000600000003BBF00B08018001C4870F02E

    Hold L2 + X To Fly
    0 00350FD8 4870F0C2
    SET OGP=7C5D00CE380000107C3D49CE7C1D01CE
    SET COP=7C5D00CE380000107C3D49CE4870F0C2
    Requires Button Enable Code to be activated for this to work.

    Toggle Between Arc Lightning And Overload Burst With L1 + L2
    0 0012555C 4870F0EE
    0 001323FC 4870F10F
    0 0013242C 4870F10F
    SET OGP=4E800020600000004BFFF3395460063E7FE3FB782F800000419EFFC84BFFFF35
    SET COP=4E800020600000004BFFF3395460063E7FE3FB782F800000419EFFC84870F0EE
    SET OGP=6000000092810070C0010070FF810000419CFED02F9B00073BFF000C3B7B0001409EFE8C4BFFFF187F03C3784BFF24E160000000
    SET COP=4870F10F92810070C0010070FF810000419CFED02F9B00073BFF000C3B7B0001409EFE8C4BFFFF187F03C3784BFF24E14870F10F
    Requires Button Enable Code to be activated for this to work.
    Aiming and using R2 fires both of them, but normally you only have 1 at a time which is determined by whether your karma is good or evil.
    When you have the codes on to have all powers and to be able to use powers from both good and evil sides at the same time, the same still applies where you get Overload Burst with good karma and Arc Lightning with evil karma.
    With this you will start with the Arc Lightning active, but if you press L1 + L2 it will toggle it to the Overload Burst and back again if needed without caring what your karma is.

    Toggle AI Movement With L2 + L3
    0 0017EAB0 4870F12E
    SET OGP=C00B00283D2042487C0301CE3C003F80
    SET COP=C00B00283D2042487C0301CE4870F12E
    Requires Button Enable Code to be activated for this to work.
    Cole has a weird thing for not moving during scripted moments in missions if this is on so turn it off if you notice you're pressing triangle or something to pick something up or execute a command but Cole isn't moving toward it to do it.

    Can Mark Certain Objects For Invincibility (Hold Select And Damage It, Press Select + L3 To Unmark)
    0 00069624 4870F14E
    SET OGP=3C0080007D08E2147E1C0000911F0010
    SET COP=3C0080007D08E2147E1C00004870F14E
    Requires Button Enable Code to be activated for this to work.
    This is for those various missions where you need to protect something like a vehicle or medical crate or whatever.
    Just hold select and then damage whatever it is that you want to mark to prevent its health from decreasing.
    This has 16 slots for things to save because maybe whatever you shoot at is nearby another thing that takes damage like a street pole or whatever, so with 16 you're very unlikely to get the wrong thing marked but you might get a few extras.
    To erase the saved things, just press Select + L3 and that will erase all 16 things you had saved.
    If you are going to various missions and notice whatever you are trying to save isn't working with this code, either press Select + L3 to clear the list because all 16 slots are occupied, or maybe it's a rare thing that doesn't have its health in this area.
    This is basically identical to how I did Infamous 2 except Infamous 2 stores negative float amounts for damage taken for things like this while Infamous 1 just stores negative hexadecimal numbers for damage taken.

    If you need to change button combos, these are the buttons:

    0 001532F0
    0001 = ^
    0002 = \/
    0004 = <
    0008 = >
    0010 = Triangle
    0020 = X
    0040 = []
    0080 = O
    0100 = L1
    0200 = L2
    0400 = R1
    0800 = R2
    1000 = Start
    2000 = Select
    4000 = L3
    8000 = R3

    If there's something I've missed, let me know in the requests section.
    Last edited by bungholio; 01-12-2018, 11:48 AM.
    Artemis Database December 4, 2017


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    Repaired the 5 button codes. Thank you to Sam100 for pointing out the problem. I'm going to check inFamous 2 now to see if I made the same errors without realizing it.
    Artemis Database December 4, 2017



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      Thank you so much bungholio!!! ^^

      This was cauing me a lot of issues and I began to believe that I was using too many codes and that was the reason of the crash happening. I hope I didn't bother you by seeking your help in this.

      I have tested the Hold L2 + X to fly as well as button enable code and I am happy to say that the codes WORK FINE!!


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        Not a bother at all. I just hope when people tell me these things that they can give me specific details and it's actually a bad code, but I got it figured out. Half of the time when people say "Your codes don't work" it turns out to be user error and they don't know how to correctly make a working eboot which makes me not even want to bother with people, and they usually never give me details when they are playing with 50+ different codes on at a time and expect me to go through all 50+ codes only to find there's nothing wrong. I'd thank you for being right, things needed to be fixed.

        And since you're playing these games, if you have requests for them for things that I never found, put them in the Requests section and I can try finding things for you.
        Artemis Database December 4, 2017