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    Mine is BCUS98125 Version 01.00 App Version 01.00. I'm redoing this game because whatever I had before must have been the old duplex eboot. I'm still working on it. Somehow hyper2k's codes still don't work on mine, no idea what version he had since it's not the duplex nor my disk version.

    EDIT 1-12-18:

    I made the same errors with this one as the 1st game.
    These are the 4 codes that have been fixed:

    Button Enable Code (Bad offsets in an area of memory not allocated by the time the code starts executing)
    Health Never Decreases (Typo in the OGP/COP)
    Karma Multiplier (Same bad offset as button enable code)
    Overcharge Never Decreases (Routine occupied bad area of code I thought was safe, but instead it is used while installing game data and starting up)

    0 0014DB3C 4E800020
    SET OGP=EBC100807C0803A6382100904E8000207D80002638000350F821FC317FE101CE
    SET COP=EBC100807C0803A6382100904E8000204E80002038000350F821FC317FE101CE
    Nothing will affect you, doesn't matter if it's explosives or water or anything and the screen will never flash red or anything as if you weren't hit.
    I'd recommend never jumping into water in various places because most of it has no bottom so you'll fall through the world forever without taking damage and that will force you to quit or re-load your game.
    If you want to go into water and explore, then turn on the code to fly with this.

    Health Never Decreases
    0 006EBAA0 FC200B6E
    0 006EBAA4 80010204
    0 006EBAA8 3D200014
    0 006EBAAC 48000020
    0 006EBACC 6129DBB0
    0 006EBAD0 7F890040
    0 006EBAD4 409E0008
    0 006EBAD8 C03B07BC
    0 006EBADC 4834962A
    0 00349624 486EBAA2
    SET OGP=000000000000000000000000000000002C0000010009001B0000000000000000006EB378006EB720009391CC0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=FC200B6E800102043D200014480000202C0000010009001B0000000000000000006EB378006EB720009391CC6129DBB07F890040409E0008C03B07BC4834962A
    SET OGP=C03B07C0EC3F082AC1BB07BCEC016828FC200B6E
    SET COP=C03B07C0EC3F082AC1BB07BCEC016828486EBAA2
    You'll still react to everything and the screen flashes red, it's just that your health won't decrease.
    Enemies will still be able to knock you around, you will go flying if a grenade or something explodes by you.
    I'd recommend never jumping into water in various places because most of it has no bottom so you'll fall through the world forever without taking damage and that will force you to quit or re-load your game.
    0x7BC = Maximum health capacity
    0x7C0 = Current health
    0x7C4 = Always identical to 0x7C0, no idea. There's an operation that just does a copy and paste thing that runs constantly in the game loading from 0x07C0 and then storing at 0x07C4.
    If you want to go into water and explore, then turn on the code to fly with this.

    Electrical Attacks Give You Max Electricity
    0 0014AF0C C1A91F40
    SET OGP=C1A91F38C0040000EDAD0028C01E800C80840008EBC1FFF07C8400D07C8407B4FDAD036E
    SET COP=C1A91F38C0040000EDAD0028C01E800C80840008EBC1FFF07C8400D07C8407B4C1A91F40
    0x1F38 = Current amount of electricity
    0x1F3C = No idea, it's always a clone of 0x1F38.
    0x1F40 = Maximum electricity capacity

    Zooming For A Sniper Shot Gives You Max Electricity
    0 0014BF80 C0031F40
    SET OGP=C19E800CEBC1FFF0C1A40008C0090008EC005B7CFC00602ED0031F384E800020
    SET COP=C19E800CEBC1FFF0C1A40008C0090008EC005B7CC0031F40D0031F384E800020

    Ionic Charges Never Decrease
    0 00149B54 38600003
    0 00149B58 90690038
    SET OGP=FBC1FFF083C28290813E8014EBC1FFF0806900387C6307B44E800020
    SET COP=FBC1FFF083C28290813E8014EBC1FFF038600003906900384E800020

    Amp Meter Always Full
    0 006EB998 83BF1F30
    0 006EB99C 93BF1F18
    0 006EB9A0 4814ABC6
    0 0014ABC0 486EB99A
    SET OGP=00938F38000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=00938F3883BF1F3093BF1F184814ABC6
    SET OGP=60000000393F1F245460063E792300202F800000419EFFC083BF1F184BFFFF01
    SET COP=60000000393F1F245460063E792300202F800000419EFFC0486EB99A4BFFFF01

    Most Enemies Never Attack
    0 001E0AF8 3C000000
    Enemies never know where I am making "Hit Clueless Enemy" very easy to do. Turrets always get you, and enemies sometimes attack during missions.

    AI Movement Speed Modifier
    0 001C6250 3CC0????
    Default is 3F80.
    You can make them never move with 0000 and break missions.
    BF80 is everybody walking backwards.
    C000 is everybody walking backwards 2x speed.
    4000 is everybody moving at 2x speed.

    Environmental Light Brightness Modifier
    0 001A636C 3CE0????

    Button Enable Code
    0 006F7310 80E3001C
    0 006F7314 3D0000C4
    0 006F7318 70EA0220
    0 006F731C B148F004
    0 006F7320 A128F006
    0 006F7324 70EA4200
    0 006F7328 B148F006
    0 006F732C 2B8A4200
    0 006F7330 409E0018
    0 006F7334 7F8A4840
    0 006F7338 419E0010
    0 006F733C 8948F00C
    0 006F7340 694A0001
    0 006F7344 9948F00C
    0 006F7348 70EA2000
    0 006F734C B148F00A
    0 006F7350 70EA6000
    0 006F7354 2B8A6000
    0 006F7358 409E0020
    0 006F735C 39400008
    0 006F7360 7D4903A6
    0 006F7364 39400000
    0 006F7368 39280010
    0 006F736C F949F000
    0 006F7370 39290008
    0 006F7374 4200FFF8
    0 006F7378 48189472
    0 006F737C 3C8000C4
    0 006F7380 93A4F000
    0 006F7384 4831861E
    0 006F7388 7C3D49CE
    0 006F738C 3D2000C4
    0 006F7390 8009F000
    0 006F7394 7F9F0040
    0 006F7398 409E0018
    0 006F739C A009F004
    0 006F73A0 2B800220
    0 006F73A4 409E000C
    0 006F73A8 3D204480
    0 006F73AC 913D0018
    0 006F73B0 39200070
    0 006F73B4 48466A4E
    0 006F73B8 3D2000C4
    0 006F73BC 8929F00C
    0 006F73C0 71290001
    0 006F73C4 2B890001
    0 006F73C8 409E0008
    0 006F73CC 3CC00000
    0 006F73D0 3D2042A0
    0 006F73D4 481C629E
    0 006F73D8 C3FE8000
    0 006F73DC 3F8000C4
    0 006F73E0 A0BCF00A
    0 006F73E4 2B852000
    0 006F73E8 409E002C
    0 006F73EC 38A00010
    0 006F73F0 7CA903A6
    0 006F73F4 393C0010
    0 006F73F8 80A9F000
    0 006F73FC 2B850000
    0 006F7400 409E000C
    0 006F7404 93E9F000
    0 006F7408 4800000C
    0 006F740C 39290004
    0 006F7410 4200FFE8
    0 006F7414 3B9C0010
    0 006F7418 80BCF000
    0 006F741C 2B850000
    0 006F7420 419E0018
    0 006F7424 7F9F2840
    0 006F7428 419E000C
    0 006F742C 3B9C0004
    0 006F7430 4BFFFFE8
    0 006F7434 D3FF0008
    0 006F7438 48066A26
    0 0018946C 486F7312
    0 00318618 486F737E
    SET OGP=000001FF000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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
    SET OGP=83C282C8380000207C661B7880E3001C
    SET COP=83C282C8380000207C661B78486F7312
    SET OGP=600000003C80531B7C6507B4608473877FE3FB78
    SET COP=486F737E3C80531B7C6507B4608473877FE3FB78
    Required for holding L2 + X to fly, L2 + L3 to toggle whether enemies and civilians stand still, and making certain vehicles invincible.

    Hold L2 + X To Fly
    0 00466A48 486F738A
    0 00466A4C 38000060
    SET OGP=39200020814B00147C1D01CE380000607C3D49CE
    SET COP=39200020814B00147C1D01CE486F738A38000060
    Requires the button enable code to be on.

    Press L2 + L3 To Toggle Or Disable AI Movement
    0 001C6298 486F73BA
    SET OGP=3D2040A091630018912300243D2042A0
    SET COP=3D2040A09163001891230024486F73BA
    Requires the button enable code to be on.
    When toggling AI movement, people might not instantly stop, but once they do they will stay stopped until you enable movement again.
    Cole also has a side effect where if you are in a mission and need to press a button to pick something up or move to a location and perform an action, Cole will stand still and do nothing. If that happens just turn the code off.

    Hold Select While Damaging A Vehicle To Mark It For Invincibility, Select + L3 To Unmark
    0 00066A20 486F73DA
    0 00066A24 54092834
    SET OGP=7B230020817D00007F6407B454092834C3FE8000
    SET COP=7B230020817D00007F6407B4486F73DA54092834
    To mark a vehicle or whatever to give it infinite health, just hold Select and then damage it.
    That is mainly there for missions where you need to guard a vehicle, there seems to be a 2nd separate health for random vehicles throughout the game that is actually at 000FE0E4 but there's many things that use that and we don't care because we have no use for it.
    It actually saves a potential 16 things to give them invincibility because it might get more than just vehicles, like nearby street poles or scaffolding or whatever so you might somehow miss your actual target without there being 16 spaces.
    With 16, hopefully whatever you try to shoot at should end up getting marked but if not then press Select + L3 and then try holding Select and damaging it again.
    I have it use 4 bytes to store pointers at addresses from 00F4F010 to 00F4F04F, once you press Select + L3 it will erase all things there if there are any.

    0001 = ^
    0002 = \/
    0004 = <
    0008 = >
    0010 = Triangle
    0020 = X
    0040 = []
    0080 = O
    0100 = L1
    0200 = L2
    0400 = R1
    0800 = R2
    1000 = Start
    2000 = Select
    4000 = L3
    8000 = R3
    Those are the buttons if you want to use a different combo for things.

    Jump Height Scale Modifier
    0 002166FC 3C00????
    Not needed since you can fly.

    Karma Gained Multiplier
    0 006EB898 3D2000C4
    0 006EB89C 48000020
    0 006EB8BC 3C00????
    0 006EB8C0 9009F008
    0 006EB8C4 C009F008
    0 006EB8C8 48000020
    0 006EB8E8 EC210032
    0 006EB8EC C01F0020
    0 006EB8F0 48128862
    0 0012885C 486EB89A
    SET OGP=00000000000000002C000001000900080000000000000000006EB2A8006EB5200093900C000000000000000000000000000000002C000001000900110000000000000000006EB2B8006EB54000938FC4000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=3D2000F5480000202C000001000900080000000000000000006EB2A8006EB5200093900C3C0042C89009F008C009F008480000202C000001000900110000000000000000006EB2B8006EB54000938FC4EC210032C01F002048128862
    SET OGP=60000000837E8058C01F0020881B05002F800000
    SET COP=60000000837E8058486EB89A881B05002F800000
    Put in a float value of your choice for the multiplier.
    4120 = 10x
    42C8 = 100x
    447A = 1000x

    All Karma Gained Is Good
    0 00128840 FC20F210
    0 001288A8 60000000
    SET OGP=FC20F090835E80BC7C7D1B787F43D378
    SET COP=FC20F210835E80BC7C7D1B787F43D378
    SET OGP=7F9D1800419E0080C01E80D4FF9E0000409D00C0
    SET COP=7F9D1800419E0080C01E80D4FF9E000060000000
    Do not use with "All Karma Gained Is Evil" because they use the same exact addresses, just different values to create the effects.

    All Karma Gained Is Evil
    0 00128840 FC20F110
    0 001288A8 480000C0
    SET OGP=FC20F090835E80BC7C7D1B787F43D378
    SET COP=FC20F110835E80BC7C7D1B787F43D378
    SET OGP=7F9D1800419E0080C01E80D4FF9E0000409D00C0
    SET COP=7F9D1800419E0080C01E80D4FF9E0000480000C0
    Do not use with "All Karma Gained Is Good" because they use the same exact addresses, just different values to create the effects.

    XP Gained Multiplier
    0 00128A14 1D6B????
    0 00128A1C 7C005A14
    0 00128A20 901D0030
    0 00128A24 901D0034
    0 00128A28 48386CA5
    SET OGP=7C005A143863028C909D0030901D003448386CA960000000
    SET COP=1D6B03E83863028C7C005A14901D0030901D003448386CA5
    Pick a normal hexadecimal number of your choice to multiply by.

    XP Never Decreases
    0 006EB914 80030030
    0 006EB918 7F840040
    0 006EB91C 4D9C0020
    0 006EB920 48000020
    0 006EB940 F821FEC1
    0 006EB944 4812899A
    0 00128994 486EB916
    SET OGP=000000000000000000000000000000002C000001000900080000000000000000006EB2DC006EB58800938F180000000000000000
    SET COP=800300307F8400404D9C0020480000202C000001000900080000000000000000006EB2DC006EB58800938F18F821FEC14812899A
    SET OGP=F821FEC17C0802A67C8907B4F8010150FB61011883630030F92100F0C80100F07D7B2050FC00069C7F9B2000
    SET COP=486EB9167C0802A67C8907B4F8010150FB61011883630030F92100F0C80100F07D7B2050FC00069C7F9B2000

    Have All Powers
    0 006EB96C 3B600007
    0 006EB970 7F7F492E
    0 006EB974 7F7F482E
    0 006EB978 48124B76
    0 00124B70 486EB96E
    SET OGP=009390EC00000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=009390EC3B6000077F7F492E7F7F482E48124B76
    SET OGP=4BFFFF6C5489103A7C0802A6F821FF6139290040FBE100987D2907B47C7F1B78FBC100907C8407B483C2824CF80100B0FB610078FB810080FBA100887F7F482E
    SET COP=4BFFFF6C5489103A7C0802A6F821FF6139290040FBE100987D2907B47C7F1B78FBC100907C8407B483C2824CF80100B0FB610078FB810080FBA10088486EB96E
    Some missions might not work correctly with this.
    For example, when I did the mission to get the Pincer attack, the game wouldn't count enemies I had defeated unless the Pincer Bolt wasn't already purchased.
    If need use either of these instead:
    0 006EB96C 3B600003 = Everything unlocked but not purchased.
    0 006EB96C 3B600000 = Nothing unlocked or purchased.

    Can Use All Powers
    0 0004B524 38600001
    0 00124BD0 63830000
    0 00128FC8 38600001
    0 00162DE4 38600001
    SET OGP=4E800020F821FF817C0802A6FBC1007083C280DCF8010090807E8008480D9B5560000000
    SET COP=4E800020F821FF817C0802A6FBC1007083C280DCF8010090807E8008480D9B5538600001
    SET OGP=4E8000204BFFFF617F9C18007FE3FB78409C0070577B003CE80100B07F6307B4
    SET COP=4E800020638300007F9C18007FE3FB78409C0070577B003CE80100B07F6307B4
    SET OGP=5463063E2F830000409EFFC47B1A00207F3607B47F83E3787EC4B37838A0FFFF
    SET COP=386000012F830000409EFFC47B1A00207F3607B47F83E3787EC4B37838A0FFFF
    SET OGP=600000007FE4FB785460063E38A0FFFF2F8000007B430020419EFF9C
    SET COP=386000017FE4FB785460063E38A0FFFF2F8000007B430020419EFF9C
    Line 1 allows you to select the powers by removing the lock symbol.
    Line 2 involves the 4 bytes after your actual karma that also looks like karma.
    Without line 2 you'd need to get to Guardian and Infamous levels before you could use them.
    Line 3 allows you to use the powers that are the opposite of your karma, otherwise they'd always reset to the 1st power you start with.
    For example without line 3, if you were evil and selected Bolt Stream or Magnum Bolt, it would reset it to Alpha Bolt once you left the pause menu.

    All 6 Karmic Boosts Are Active At The Same Time
    0 00125000 38600001
    SET OGP=000000182F83000538000001419D0008380000007C0307B4
    SET COP=000000182F83000538000001419D00083800000038600001

    Overcharge Never Decreases
    0 006F5B10 E9440010
    0 006F5B14 80E103F4
    0 006F5B18 3D00001B
    0 006F5B1C 6108252C
    0 006F5B20 7F883840
    0 006F5B24 409E000C
    0 006F5B28 3D0042C8
    0 006F5B2C 7F8A4040
    0 006F5B30 409E0010
    0 006F5B34 390B0014
    0 006F5B38 3CE000C4
    0 006F5B3C 9107F050
    0 006F5B40 485DF09A
    0 006F5B44 F881FFF8
    0 006F5B48 3C8000C4
    0 006F5B4C 8084F050
    0 006F5B50 7F841840
    0 006F5B54 409E000C
    0 006F5B58 3C807F80
    0 006F5B5C 908BFFFC
    0 006F5B60 E881FFF8
    0 006F5B64 4E800020
    0 005DF094 486F5B12
    0 005DEFF4 486F5B46
    SET OGP=0000077100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    SET COP=00000771000000000000000000000000E944001080E103F43D00001B6108252C7F883840409E000C3D0042C87F8A4040409E0010390B00143CE000C49107F050485DF09AF881FFF83C8000C48084F0507F841840409E000C3C807F80908BFFFCE881FFF84E800020
    SET OGP=28A5002FE8040028E9240020E9840018E9440010
    SET COP=28A5002FE8040028E9240020E9840018486F5B12
    SET OGP=7CA903A68804000038840001980B0000396B00014200FFF04E800020
    SET COP=7CA903A68804000038840001980B0000396B00014200FFF0486F5B46
    In Overcharge Side Missions, you need to jump off of a transformer and ride rails and whatever else to keep off of the ground or you'll lose your overcharge, turn red, and die.
    This is a sloppy way of doing this and I hope it has no side effects throughout the game.
    If you have the code to fly with L2 + X on, you won't need this and can just fly from transformer to transformer.

    Menu Type Modifier
    0 0014B710 3860000?
    SET OGP=600000002F830000409E006C381D0010
    SET COP=386000012F830000409E006C381D0010
    0 = Evil
    1 = Good
    It's a useless visual effect to change whether your pause menu looks good or evil.

    Electricity Light Modifier
    0 000C7808 3860000?
    SET OGP=60000000686000017EE3BB787C0BFE70
    SET COP=38600001686000017EE3BB787C0BFE70
    0 = Evil
    1 = Good
    It's a useless visual effect that affects the color of the light created by your electrical attacks as you shoot.
    It won't affect the color of the electricity, just the color of the light emitted from it.

    Electricity Type Modifier
    0 00124F24 3860000?
    SET OGP=7C0BFE707D6902787D2B48503929FFFF55230FFE419E001CE80100907C6307B4
    SET COP=7C0BFE707D6902787D2B48503929FFFF55230FFE419E001CE801009038600001
    0 = Evil
    1 = Good
    It's a useless visual effect that affects the color of Cole's electricity to look good or evil without having to be good or evil.

    And these below 2 are the ported versions of my health codes before.
    The difference between the 2 above and the 2 down here is that above it is exactly what it should be while below it just sets a crazy high number and the only thing that can kill you with it is water,
    The only meaningful difference is with the below codes you will still die in water.

    Cole Never Dies
    0 0017037C 3C007F7F
    0 00170384 900907BC
    0 00170388 900907C0

    Cole Does Not React To Harm (NOTE)
    0 001703A8 60000000
    Don't use this without the code "Cole Never Dies" or the screen will go black right about where you would normally die.

    I added things into the code to fly.
    I was trying to find vehicle health for the ambulance in mission 20 Hearts And Minds.
    I had 2 failed attempts that aren't fully working.

    0 006EB9C4 D03D0000
    0 006EB9C8 3FA000F5
    0 006EB9CC 90FDF00C
    0 006EB9D0 484DB83E
    0 004DB838 486EB9C6
    0 006EB9F0 C3FE8000
    0 006EB9F4 3CA000F5
    0 006EB9F8 80A5F00C
    0 006EB9FC 48000020
    0 006EBA1C 80A501C4
    0 006EBA20 80A50004
    0 006EBA24 7F9F2840
    0 006EBA28 48000020
    0 006EBA48 409E0008
    0 006EBA4C D3FF0008
    0 006EBA50 48066A2A
    0 00066A24 486EB9F2
    This was the 1st attempt, and was fine until half way through the mission it stops reading the health from where I have it located, so if for some reason you failed halfway through the mission and continued where you left off, the code would no longer work.

    0 006EB9C4 C03E8000
    0 006EB9C8 3FC000F5
    0 006EB9CC 93BEF00C
    0 006EB9D0 4805E03E
    0 0005E038 486EB9C6
    0 006EB9F0 C3FE8000
    0 006EB9F4 3CA000F5
    0 006EB9F8 80A5F00C
    0 006EB9FC 48000020
    0 006EBA1C 7F9F2840
    0 006EBA20 409E0008
    0 006EBA24 D3FF0008
    0 006EBA28 48066A2A
    0 00066A24 486EB9F2
    This was attempt 2. This was fine until half way through the mission again and it would suddenly start reading some 2nd thing that wasn't my vehicle, and because of this the ambulance randomly got full health when damaged but you'd still often die making it a junk code again.
    The simple solution was to just let people pick the vehicle, so I added it into the code to fly since that's where the buttons are. I probably could have just used 0005E038 and made it save full health to anything, but then I don't know what that 2nd thing was that would have gotten infinite health too.

    Very Strange Graphics
    0 000FE3E0 60000000
    I think I have this incorrect and this is the buggy version.
    I can't remember the exact side effects but I think you will be unable to do attacks with this.
    Nearby this address either before or after are operations that store float values. I was erasing random lines when I'm certain erasing a few different ones cause this same effect, but I think I wrote this wrong one down by accident when one of the others didn't seem to have any side effects. I think there was also another nearby that made everything pitch black except certain visual effects making the game almost undoable.
    The visuals are definitely interesting to see, you could play the game like this. It's like some weird comic book thing with a colorful sky, and a lot of black and white.
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    I'm done with the game, I can't see anything left to find in the game. If anybody has requests, post them in the requests section.
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      Since Sam100 pointed out codes not working for inFamous 1, I checked this game and I made the same bad mistakes. I've fixed 4 bad codes and posted them in the 1st post. I have no idea why I didn't bother doing the important check of starting a game without game data with all codes on in the eboot, I seem to always find things that need fixing that way.
      Artemis Database December 4, 2017