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    I've also made progress for once in my life on a potential lead to fixing the freeze.
    SET OGP=FBE100C0FBA100B0FB8100A82C030000418200403C60
    SET COP=FBE100C0FBA100B0FB8100A82C030000600000003C60

    It causes major lag, but no matter what I can't trigger the permanent freeze to occur. And if I need to speed things back up to normal speed, I just change the value back to 41820040 while playing and it's back to normal like nothing happened. However, if I trigger the freeze and then use this, it's still a permanent freeze. So if needed, this is a better than nothing fix to avoid the freeze even though it makes the game go at about 1 frame per second. I also have no idea of how to use IDA Pro, tried it with that plugin long ago and it drove me nuts even trying to figure out how to change the displayed windows and window sizes. That alone made me give up since I was unable to access the windows I wanted.

    To add to making it possibly more useful, in my NPUB version that r3 is from address 0x0180D464. If I just set the address to 00000001, the game completely freezes, and I can do anything with breakpoints without triggering a permanent freeze. I change it back to 00000000, and the game resumes like normal. It's not as useful as using 60000000 in that spot though, because at least that makes the game continually work even though it's 1 frame per second.

    Just change it before you do any scans or breakpoints, and then undo the change when you're done messing with things.
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      To fixing freeze try


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        OGP= 7C651810 38800001
        COP= 7C6307B4 38800001


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          I'm finally on this game again. A big thank you to dron_3 for the freezing fix. I'm doing the NPUB version and will port things when I'm done. I'll just randomly update this thread like I've done the last 2 with updates of what I've added/changed/removed as I've found things.

          7-11-2018 7:46 PM:
          + Added 4 codes for adrenaline. 1 code gives you full adrenaline from gaining adrenaline, 1 makes the 10 second full adrenaline timer infinite, 1 makes the normal decreasing of adrenaline when it isn't 0 to instead give you full adrenaline, and 1 makes the decrease from using adrenaline instead refill adrenaline to full.
          So far I have failed on multiple things.

          1 code seemed like it changed what thing on your weapon wheel you chose. I was hoping to choose any item even without having them, and instead have been stuck with crashes.

          1 code seemed like it changed the thing you chose while in the weapon wheel, nothing but crashes there too.

          1 to hopefully make the Rune Icon and Bone Charm Icons stay on the screen without the heart. I can mess with the visible distance, but nothing useful yet.

          7-14-2018 7:17 AM:
          ! Corrected the code where using adrenaline fully refills adrenaline, the subroutine address was -0x20000 off.
          + Added 1 code to all you to hold square to unequip the mechanical heart to make it continue showing you the locations of bone charms and runes.
          Found this junk to possibly use to make it so you have all 6 powers and 4 enhancements fully upgrade at all times.

          Power Levels
          When going to Powers tab
          008B0B08 807D0088
          When selecting through quickwheel
          008DE2D4 839E0088
          After Buying Level 1 and 2
          008B20D4 83380088
          008DE948 93FE0088

          Enhancement Levels
          When going to the Powers tab
          008B0F90 807D0018
          On upgrade
          008B23A4 83240018
          0070D77C 82DC0018
          0070D7BC 80FC0018 /* Level 2 */
          0070D624 937C0018
          0070D6EC 80BC0018
          0072EEA8 80630018
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            Added codes:
            God Mode, Blink No Cooldown, Infinite Dark Vision Time, Increased Bend Time