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samurai warriors 2 empires pal to ntsc

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  • samurai warriors 2 empires pal to ntsc

    the us sles (according to ps2 data center) SLUS-21585
    the pal sles is 54624 (code junkies)

    im just looking for someone to convert the codes on code junkies to the US version... for some reason those guys never bothered.

    doesnt matter what format, armax is fine, raw works too.

    if it helps, these codes do work for the us version though im not sure if they should.. also they apparently came from the code masters project but that stuff is gone now apparently
    "These are not my codes but I will post them here.

    M(either one)
    F0170f60 00170f63
    90170f60 0c04c798

    Infinite Turns
    0068e786 00000005

    Infinite Powerups (Upon Pickup)
    2019f0bc 00000000

    Can Always Do Musou Move (Press Circle)
    1024080e 00001000

    Kill One enemy for KO 9999
    2019eb74 00000000

    Combo 9999
    201d20f8 00000000

    Max Gold -> fix
    202f8928 10000005

    <by leveling>

    Max HP
    2019c1cc 00000000

    Max Musou
    2019c2e4 00000000

    Max Attack
    2019c3fc 00000000

    Max Defense
    2019c514 00000000

    Max Riding Skill
    2019c62c 00000000

    Max Speed
    2019c744 00000000

    Max ???(this is the next stat of speed)
    2019c85c 00000000

    Max Luck
    2019c974 00000000

    Max Rank(lv 20)
    203ad788 00000000

    Max Musou?
    20270da8 84420008

    kill one for 9999 KO
    2019eb74 00000000

    Combo 9999
    201d20f8 00000000