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.Archived PS2 Codes - SSX/Zatch Bell!

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  • .Archived PS2 Codes - SSX/Zatch Bell!

    Each archived PS2 codes has been received into two installments. Instead of one package at once!
    Note: May appies either CB6 or CB10.

    SSX (US - CB6)
    Work in Progress

    SSX Tricky (US - CB6)
    Enable Code
    F0100008 002E7687

    Unlock All Characters and Venues
    1032B398 000009FF
    1032B39C 00000FFF

    Unlock All Outfits and Boards (Elise Riggs)
    0032C0F0 000000F0
    2032C108 3FFFFFFF
    1032C144 00000FFF
    0032C148 0000007F

    Unlock All Outfits and Boards (Zoe Payne)
    0032BD68 000000F0
    2032BD80 3FFFFFFF
    1032BDBC 00000FFF
    0032BDC0 0000007F

    Unlock All Outfits and Boards (Moby Jones)
    0032BBA4 000000F0
    1032BBF8 00000FFF
    0032BBFC 0000007F

    Unlock All Outfits and Boards (Mac Fraser)
    0032B9E0 000000F0
    2032B9F8 3FFFFFFF
    1032BA34 00000FFF
    0032BA38 0000007F

    Unlock All Outfits and Boards (Kaori Nishidake)
    0032B658 000000F0
    2032B670 3FFFFFFF
    1032B6AC 00000FFF
    0032B6B0 0000007F

    Have All Gold Medals (Elise Riggs)
    2032C0FC 24212620
    2032C110 01010000
    2032C114 01010000
    2032C118 01010000
    2032C11C 01010000
    2032C120 01010000
    2032C124 01010000
    2032C130 01010000
    2032C13C 01010000

    Have All Gold Medals (Mac Fraser)
    2032B9EC 28222220
    2032BA00 01010000
    2032BA04 01010000
    2032BA08 01010000
    2032BA0C 01010000
    2032BA10 01010000
    2032BA14 01010000
    2032BA20 01010000
    2032BA2C 01010000

    Have All Gold Medals (Kaori Nishidake)
    2032B664 28202222
    2032B678 01010000
    2032B67C 01010000
    2032B680 01010000
    2032B684 01010000
    2032B688 01010000
    2032B68C 01010000
    2032B698 01010000
    2032B6A4 01010000

    SSX 3 (US - CB6)
    Enable Code
    F03FFB7C 0000000E

    Infinite Cash (Zoe Payne)
    204AB58C 05F5E0FF

    Infinite Cash (Moby Jones)
    204A776C 05F5E0FF

    Infinite Cash (Psymon Stark)
    204AF3AC 05F5E0FF

    Infinite Cash (Griff Simmons)
    204AC514 05F5E0FF

    Infinite Cash (Viggo Rolig)
    204B0334 05F5E0FF

    Have Peak 3 Pass (Zoe Payne)
    004AAD41 00000000

    Have Peak 3 Pass (Moby Jones)
    004A6F21 00000000

    Have Peak 3 Pass (Psymon Stark)
    004AEB61 00000000

    Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Battles (US - CB6)
    Enable Code
    F0341D0C 0000000E

    Unlock All Characters
    0046295C 000000FF

    Have All Cards
    20462FD8 FFFFFFFF
    20462FE0 FFFFFFFF
    20462FE4 FFFFFFFF
    00462FE8 0000003F

    Infinite Points
    104625BC 0000270F

    Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Fury (US - CB6)
    Work in Progress
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