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.Archived PS2 Codes - Twisted Metal/Tony Hawk

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  • .Archived PS2 Codes - Twisted Metal/Tony Hawk

    Each archived PS2 codes has been received into two installments. Instead of one package at once!
    Note: May appies either CB6 or CB10.

    Twisted Metal: Black (Codebreaker V10)
    Unlock All Battlegrounds
    1AE12C7E 00000000
    1AE92C7E 00000000
    1AF12C7E 00000000
    1AF92C7E 00000000

    Twisted Metal: Head-On (US - CB10)
    Work in Progress

    Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (CB6 - US)
    Enable Code
    903B9650 00832021

    Unlock Shrek and C.O.D. Soldier
    00B96FED 000000FF

    Unlock All Cheats
    00B96FF0 00000038
    00B97012 00000003

    Have Story Mode and Classic Mode Completed
    00B96FFD 000000F8

    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (US - CB6)
    Enable Code
    F0451168 0000000E

    Unlock All Skaters
    009AF757 000000F0
    109AF758 00003FFE

    Unlock All Levels
    009AE432 00000001
    009AE4B2 00000001
    009AE532 00000001
    009AE5B2 00000001
    009AE632 00000001
    009AE6B2 00000001
    009AE732 00000001
    009AE7B2 00000001
    009AE832 00000001
    009AE932 00000001
    009AE9B2 00000001
    009AEA32 00000001
    009AEAB2 00000001
    009AEB32 00000001
    009AEBB2 00000001

    Have All Modes Completed
    009AF71D 000000F8
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