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Legend of Sayuki (SLES_551.23)

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  • Legend of Sayuki (SLES_551.23)

    "Legend of Sayuki (SLES_551.23)"

    Enable Code
    90140168 0C050002

    Enable Code
    90145BE0 0C055FB3

    Enable Code
    90145D30 00431021

    2014F640 24120002

    Boot Language
    20100758 2402000?

    P1 Special Max (All Modes)
    10204338 000003E8

    P1 Max Score (All Modes)
    20204300 05F5E0FF

    P1 9 Lives (All Modes)
    002042F8 00000009

    P2 Max Lives (2 Player Mode only)
    002042FC 00000009

    P2 Special Max (2 Player Mode only)
    1020433C 000003E8

    P2 Max Score (2 Player Mode only)
    202042EC 05F5E0FF

    P1 Max Score (2 Player Mode only)
    202042E8 05F5E0FF

    P1 Invincible (All Modes)
    203BD828 000000FF

    P2 Invincible (2 Player Mode only)
    203BEDF0 000000FF

    P1 Inf HP
    20215FBC 000000F0

    P1 Max HP
    20215FAC 000000F0

    P2 Inf HP
    20215FC0 000000F0

    P2 Max HP
    20215FB0 000000F0

    P1 Always Have Weapon (All Modes)
    00204340 0000000?

    P2 Weapon Mod (2 Player Mode only)
    00204344 0000000?

    Hacked by lee4