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Heavenly Guardian (SLUS_216.53)

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  • Heavenly Guardian (SLUS_216.53)

    Heavenly Guardian (SLUS_216.53)

    Enable Code
    90138D88 0C04E30A

    Hacked by Skiller
    P1 Inf Special (1 Player mode only)
    20129CDC 00000000
    P1 Inf Lifes (1 Player mode only)
    2012863C 00000000
    P1 Inf Health (1 Player mode only)
    201282A0 00000000
    P1 Special Max (All Modes)
    104957B0 000003E8
    P1 Max Score (1 Player mode only)
    20495778 05F5E0FF
    P1 9 Lives (All Modes)
    00495770 00000009
    P1 Always Have Weapon (All Modes)
    004957B8 0000000?
    P1 Add ? to your Weapon (1 Player mode only)
    404957C4 00040001
    0000000? 00000000
    Hacked by lee4
    P2 Max Lives (2 Player Mode only)
    00495774 00000009
    P2 Special Max (2 Player Mode only)
    104957B4 000003E8
    P2 Max Score (2 Player Mode only)
    20495764 05F5E0FF
    P1 Max Score (2 Player Mode only)
    20495760 05F5E0FF
    P2 Weapon Mod (2 Player Mode only)
    004957BC 0000000?
    P1 Invincible (All Modes)
    2064ECF8 000000FF
    P2 Invincible (2 Player Mode only)
    206502C0 000000FF
    P1 Inf HP
    204A742C 000000F0
    P1 Max HP
    204A741C 000000F0
    P2 Inf HP
    204A7430 000000F0
    P2 Max HP
    204A7420 000000F0