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Power Rangers-Super Legends (SLES_548.35)

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  • Power Rangers-Super Legends (SLES_548.35)

    Enable Code (Must Be On)
    90117510 0C045CEC

    Max Combo Hits
    # This will give u 999 ~ Skiller
    212A7334 00000000

    Completed Ranger Spelling after one Pickup ~ Skiller
    212A6FFC 200F003F

    Time Orbs 1000x (Works for Both players) ~ Skiller
    212A8220 08028000
    200A0000 200203E8
    200A0004 004E7020
    200A0008 03E00008
    200A000C ADEE03D8

    Timeline Collectibles Gain 10x ~ Skiller
    112A7030 0000000A

    Totel Enemies Defeated Gain 10x ~ Skiller
    112639E0 0000000A

    Infinite Activator P1(Must Be On)
    200A0000 3C01008A
    200A0004 8C218DF0
    200A0008 10200004
    200A002C 03E00008
    D0898DF0 00100000
    201179E4 08028000
    D0898DF0 00000000
    201179E4 03E00008

    Infinite Activator P2(Must Be On)
    200A0040 3C03008A
    200A0044 8C638DF4
    200A0048 10600008
    200A006C 03E00008
    D0898DF4 00100000
    20122DB4 08028010
    D0898DF4 00000000
    20122DB4 03E00008

    Infinite Health P1
    200A0010 8C220014
    200A0014 AC220018

    Infinite Ammo P1
    200A0018 8C230054
    200A001C AC230058

    Infinite Power Bar P1
    200A0020 2404012C
    200A0024 AC240038

    Infinite Health P2
    200A0050 8C650014
    200A0054 AC650018

    Infinite Ammo P2
    200A0058 8C660054
    200A005C AC660058

    Infinite Power P2
    200A0060 2407012C
    200A0064 AC670038

    1 Hit Kill
    21304ab8 aca00018

    Megazord Battle

    Infinite Time
    21228ef8 00000000

    Max Green Bar
    202b73ac AE01004C

    Hacked by Azagthoth