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R-Type Final (SLUS-20780)

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  • R-Type Final (SLUS-20780)

    R-Type Final, Irem's PS2 Game Planned Which You Could Select 101 Ships and Getting Through Multiple Stages Depend Your Current Playthough While Evading Projectiles That Come Out Shoot at You. Though and It Was Published by Fresh Games Remaining It's Still Incomplete.

    Here is Comes With List of Codes Had To Be Requested:
    Unlock All Ships (This Needs Request Same Code Again, With Although Needs Fix)
    Unlock All Stages in Score Attack Mode
    Unlock All Rivals in vs. Mode
    Have All Notes Completed (Such as Complete Game Under "R-Typer" Diffculty, Play Game for Specified Hours)
    Have All Enemy/Bosses Discovered into Database
    Infinite HP P1 (vs. Mode Only)
    One Hit Finish Off CPU (vs. Mode Only)