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    Sorry, forgot to put SLUS_212.62 in the title.

    Hey, everybody.

    I'd like to request a code I've been looking for for years. An "enable" character to be added to your party code so that they show up again in your list of friends. There are several characters that you can only use temporarily and I'd like to be able to use them in other parts of the game. I think it would be useful for players to get characters that are really hard to recruit as well.

    I'd be willing to compensate for your work if necessary. Thanks a lot.
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    I do not know
    if this code
    you looking for

    901231A0 0C041AEE

    View Friends For:All Friends Available
    200C2080 9061001D
    200C2084 34210010
    200C2088 03E00008
    200C208C A061001D
    E0021821 003AB5B0
    203AB5B0 0C030820
    203AB5B4 00641821

    source: Database Site/Radiata Stories.txt


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      Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, that code only unlocks them in the friends list in the menu (Which is separate from who is available to add to your party.)


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        I won't bump this up again. I just wanted to say that I'm willing to give $50 Paypal to anyone who can create this code for me. I'll check back from time to time. Thanks.


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          I'll increase the bounty to $100 paypal to anyone who wants to take a stab at this.


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            KS7, My Some of PS2 Games Didn't Done Yet, It Was Named PS2 Complete Project (Where You Could Unlock All Items), PM Me If I Want You To Complete Each Game Without Actually Playing


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              Offer is still there if anybody wants to take a stab.