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The King of Fighters 2006 (SLUS-21365)

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  • The King of Fighters 2006 (SLUS-21365)

    Here It Is, The King of Fighters 2006 (Also Known As KOF: Maximum Impact 2 In Europe), Was Second Game To Request Code It Was Almost Complete With All Characters, All Character Profiles (Except For Jivatma) and All Stages Available. Request Remaining Codes At This Point, However This Is Codebreaker Version 10 Codes Only!

    Following Codes That Needs Requested:
    Unlock All Levels For Easy Missions and Hard Missions
    Unlock All Levels For Extra Missions
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    you can use decrypted codes
    The following code can be used to turn the CBv7+ encryption requirement off.
    CBv7+ Encryption OFF (Must be on to mix RAW and encrypted codes)
    0CF49BDF A4E29C32
    The above code is by no means an end all solution. It can however be useful in certain circumstances.
    Proper use is:
    Encrypted codes.
    Encryption off code.
    RAW codes.

    All Stages
    7FC811A2 DD198B5E
    E98C99A4 4E623990

    CBv7+ Encryption OFF
    0CF49BDF A4E29C32

    Unlock Jivatma & Profile (RAW format)
    1081D39C 00000701

    Unlock All Characters & Profile (RAW format)
    4081CF1C 0026000C
    01010701 00000000

    Unlock All Color Variation (RAW format)
    4081CF20 0026000C
    01010101 00000000
    4081CF24 0026000C
    01010101 00000000
    4081CF28 0026000C
    01010101 00000000
    4081CF2C 0026000C
    01010101 00000000

    Unlock All Stages & Soundtest (RAW format) **
    1081C6A0 00000101
    2081C690 0101010A
    4081C694 00030001
    01010101 00000000
    dont use the official code with this code

    work on all games uses CB7+ B4336FA9 4DFEFB79 encryption
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      I fixed the Jivatma code in my previously post


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        Lee4. You Should Continue Make Unlock All Levels For Easy Missions, All Hard Missions and All Extra Missions. I Should Having Everything Unlocked!
        Though You Could Update Code Vault Though