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Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask question

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  • Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask question

    Does anyone know if Majoras Mask or the N64 itself had issues with cheat codes in that you can only have a few active at the same time.

    I recently got hold of Majoras Mask and I am porting the cheat codes I made via the Emulators but they don't seem to work properly if other codes are active.

    First one of my codes I have ported is:

    Fastforward / Rewind time
    Always Day Mod
    Freeze Flow of Time

    These all work great via emulation but on the console itself (Xplorer64) it seems I can only use one of the above at a time.

    If I enable:
    Infinite Health
    Infinite Magic
    Infinite Items
    Fastforward / Rewind Time

    It then breaks the flow of time code in that when you rewind flow of time and let go of any buttons, the game then fastforwards.

    If i use the same codes (minus infinite items) the Fastforward / Rewind time code works as it should.

    I am thinking is this because the code has to be in 16bit and its limited on how many it can have?

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    its ok i think i have managed to find a work around.

    I have made a code that stops the flow of time and saves to the game cartridge if using an owl statue to save/load.