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CMP Archive giving "Datenbankfehler" error

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    Originally posted by Skiller View Post
    no response yet .,
    TBH, I honestly just appreciate what you're doing here. Running a forum by yourself is not easy, so although I would love it if we can get the old one some how, I still completely appreciate everything you do for CMP.

    Originally posted by bungholio View Post
    That dude must be a ghost to be gone over 4 months now. I don't know if it's allowed but you guys can delete the link if needed or just let me know and I'll remove it.

    That is every page of nearly every thread from the PS3 Games Hacked section, but I grabbed them all 2 days before the forum switched so I know I missed at least 2 games. Unfortunately I didn't grab anything else, and I know the requests section had some things in them that weren't in the games hacked section, but this is better than nothing I guess.
    That's awesome. It might not be everything, but it definitely IS better than nothing!


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      CMP Archive Has Been Gone, Still My Some of Code Has Been Stored Into Anywhere


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        EVERYONE!!! This website have history about Code Master Project in old version, before was changed and then gone! Just copy anything there before change it again on this forum.