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  • SIte

    anyone looking for the codedatabase that is new to the CMP >
    this is whats left of the Database of what i had backed up .

    as for the site i know there is alot of issues .. remember everyone .. if your posting codes of your own PLEASE make sure to back them up into a Dropbox Database or something .. this will make it so if something ever does happen to a website be it this one or any other website .. you will always be able to rebuild a database..

    Oneday i hope to bring back the CMP to the glory days .. right now my hand are tied .

    For If you like what i do

  • #2
    Thanks Skiller!, I've Got the Treasure Code for Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 and Lumines Plus

    Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007
    Enable Code
    90111F20 00832021

    Infinite WEN
    2183AEEC 05F5E0FF

    Have All Trophies
    2183AED8 1B7FFDFF

    Lumines Plus
    Enable Code
    90146818 00832021

    Unlock Everything
    203949BC FFFFFFFF
    203949C0 00003FFF
    203949DC FFFFFFFF
    203949E0 0001FFFF
    203949FC FFFFFFFF
    20394A00 FFFFFFFF
    20394A04 FFFFFFFF
    20394A08 0000000F