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  • Welcome to the New CMP forum

    Do you like new look of the New CMP forum?

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    its alot different then VBulletin 4 that is for sure... but the Layout is kinda nice being able to split up the Forum Section into the Top Bar is nice.. so people can go to were they want and Ignore what they want as well. :P

    For If you like what i do


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      I've Visited New CMP Forum, Given This. PS2, PS3, PS4, DS and Rest of Code Sections Have Available For Post
      With My Exception. My Lots of Game Has Not Been Responsing To Request/Converting For Codebreaker!

      Here Is Following Game Has Not Responsing Due To Code Has Didn't Accepted:
      Downforce (NTSC-U, Has Only Unlock All Track Codes Exist)
      The King of Fighters 2006 9NTSC-U, Lacks Unlock All Levels In Easy Missions, Hard Missions and Extra Missions)
      Lumines Plus (NTSC-U)
      MX Rider (PAL)
      Gran Turismo Concept (PAL, Takes Based By Version: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva)
      Ford Racing 3 (PAL)
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